Medical Freedom Rally tomorrow at Norlo Park

October 22 – A Medical Freedom Rally will be held at 10 a.m. tomorrow at Norlo Park in Chambersburg, to talk with employees mandated to get the COVID vaccine by their employers.

Representative Rob Kauffman joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News to encourage people to come out. 

Kauffman said, “WellSpan put out a new and shortened medical exemption form just yesterday I believe it came out. They started to approve medical exemptions. I believe they’re getting the message and the tide is turning. They understand that many of their employees have deeply held beliefs and I’ve had some conversations with the folks at WellSpan advocating for these employees and what they’re standing for and I want to be positive that I do believe WellSpan is getting the message and folks need to turn out at the Medical Freedom Rally and continue to send that message. We’re just going to keep on pounding away for medical freedom.”

Ryan asked, “Have you been in touch with the leadership at WellSpan?”

“I have,” Kauffman confirmed.

“What’s that like?” Ryan asked. “’Cause they don’t talk to us anymore. I’ve got an audience filled with men and filled with cancer concerns, but there are some folks that have an agenda in their marketing department now. It’s okay to run commercials on other radio stations that run strip clubs on the air, but they don’t like us anymore and to hell with the men that listen to the radio station. So, it’s very disturbing. They don’t talk to us anymore and look, I’m okay with that. I’m loaded with great people out here and we offer great solutions for folks that believe what we’re up to here and want to reach men and women that have some health situations here, but what’s that like talking to that leadership?”

Kauffman said, “They have a CEO and she came from out in the Midwest, Minnesota. I found her, she’s newer to the area, newer to WellSpan and I found her refreshing to have a conversation with. Very open to the conversations we’ve had recently. So I’m encouraged with the leadership at the absolute top. It is concerning to hear that. I did not know that, Pat, about what you’re saying.”

Jansen said, “They should separate out ideologies from being able to reach people. Which is in the same vein because they should also separate out or be able to look at what’s the threat to the health of the community. We can’t just say vaccines, vaccines, vaccines, because of the threat when you don’t have enough people to take care of your sick people, you’re also putting them at risk. You have to look at risk versus benefit. You have to balance that.”

Kauffman said, “In my conversations with WellSpan, I’ve pushed at them and let them know that the idea that we have a mandate that is in front of the federal mandate. We do not have the federal mandate in writing and they are in front of that. I said there is no cause to separate any employee prior to the federal mandate actually kicking in for these providers.”