McDonald’s has downsized its menu

CHICAGO, ILL–The menu you’ve been lovin’ under the golden arches has been quietly changing.

Salads are no longer available, nor is the yogurt parfait.

“More than ever, customers are relying on McDonald’s to serve delicious food quickly, conveniently and safely, which is why we transitioned to a limited menu in April. This decision helped simplify operations for our restaurant crew while also improving our customers’ experience,” said a McDonald’s USA spokesperson. “This summer, we reintroduced some of our iconic offerings while keeping our menu streamlined – focusing on expert preparation, great service, and as always, quality ingredients. With customers at the center of everything we do, we’ll continue listening to them and evolving our menu to meet their needs.”

The changes may or may not be permanent. “While some menu items won’t be returning at this time, that doesn’t mean goodbye forever,” the spokesperson said. “We’re looking at opportunities to bring certain options – like salads – back to the menu in new ways in the future.”

Although even side salads are not currently an option, the restaurant chain does have some balanced side options for younger guests in the Happy Meal, like apple slices, 1% low fat white milk and Reduced Sugar low-fat Chocolate milk.