McConnellsburg man allegedly hits, chokes, bites pregnant partner

12 April 2024- A McConnellsburg man remains behind bars today after failing to post bail of $100,000 following a domestic incident earlier this week. Skyler Robert Dick is charged with felony strangulation, misdemeanor assault, and summary harassment following the incident and remains behind bars on $100,000. He is incarcerated at the Bedford County Prison on agreement with Fulton County.

PSP McConnellsburg Troopers were dispatched around 4:45pm on April 9th to the Fulton County Medical Center following the treatment of an apparent incident of abuse. That victim allegedly told PSP that around 5am that morning she woke up and subsequently woke Skyler Dick up. That victim then was nearby Dick’s phone, which caused a verbal argument stemming from alleged cheating on someone’s part.

PSP say that the victim was then choked until she started “to see black spots”. She allegedly had red marks on her neck and cuts, according to PSP. The victim’s eyes were also reportedly bloodshot, with Troopers also saying that they believed the victim was hit in the face several time with both a closed fist and open hand. This continued, with Dick allegedly fighting the victim on the ground, grabbing her hair, striking her head against the wall, and biting several times on the shoulder and neck of her. This reportedly went on until 6:30am, when the victim was able to leave the home. According to court filings, the victim was 31 weeks pregnant at the time of the incident.

Dick was approached for questioning shortly after, where PSP reportedly found him at the McConnellsburg McDonalds. Troopers say that “Dick, prior to me stating anything, asked ‘is this about (victim’s name)'”. The only thing listed in court filings that Dick said was that “there was an altercation” with the victim.

Skyler Dick is behind bars on $100,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39401-CR-0000022-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-463529