Maybe the whole world could use a kindness tunnel

February 28 – In the Chambersburg Area School District, kindness tunnels have been added to the school experience. 

Before you click away, hear us out. 

A kindness tunnel can include community members, local law enforcement and some of the older students in the school district forming two lines and the elementary students get to run through the “tunnel.” 

CASD School Board Member Stephanie Harbaugh said, “That’s really something special to see those kids and how they’re reacting to that. It’s like when you come out of the tunnel at sporting events and high-five and just to get them excited about school. It’s a pretty cool event. They’ve had at least one school board member at all of the ones that have gone on and I think there are a few left that we’re going to try to get through here through the first week of March.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I get one eyebrow going up, like a kindness tunnel? Okay, can we just get into some school here? But the more you set the table for it, the more I understand it a little bit more here. There’s a very interesting possibility with business partnerships because I think of a bigger business, you’re always looking for ways in which to amp up the staff and if there’s maybe a private public partnership that goes, hey, we’re going to adopt a school. We’re going to do our kindness tunnel over here, do our kindness tunnel in business and in school, that maybe there’s something. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the kindness tunnel the way that you have set the table. That’s kind of cool. How do we engage business and schools together on that?”

One attendee of kindness tunnels is our own PA Representative Rob Kauffman. 

Ryan said, “He’s a good friend of the radio station and he comes down and we give him a good bit of business every Thursday. He’s awfully responsive. I think that is a kindness, too. When I call him on the cell phone, he usually picks up the phone call. There’s a lot of people that don’t pick up my phone call.”

Harbaugh said, “I think too, with these kindness tunnels, not only to get the children excited about school in general, but as we talked about before, sometimes you hear bullying is going to happen. So maybe with these kindness tunnels and I know that they’re doing a positive behavior kind of incentive in the elementary schools, the earlier that you can teach children how to be kind, and how to actually deal with those negative feelings that they have, whether it’s anger, jealousy, disappointment, whatever, the further you can get into that, I think that you do that at an earlier age, maybe you can stave off some of that stuff that they don’t learn how to deal with that as they get older.”