Marylander Navy SEAL declared dead following operation off Somalia

23 January 2024- Governor Wes Moore today released the following statement regarding the identification of Marylander Special Operator First Class Christopher J. Chambers as one of two Navy SEALs declared dead after they went missing while conducting an operation on January 11:

“Maryland and the nation have lost a hero. Special Operator First Class Christopher J. Chambers wasn’t just a distinguished Navy SEAL, he was a true patriot in every beautiful sense of the word. He put his life on the line for our safety and security, and we will never forget his ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

My heart breaks for the friends and family of Special Operator Chambers, as well as all who served alongside him. We must keep them in our thoughts and our prayers.

Having served in combat, I understand that when tragedy strikes in the field of battle, the families of those we’ve lost deserve closure and clarity on what transpired. I have every confidence that the loved ones of Special Operator Chambers and the public will receive the answers they deserve following a full and thorough investigation into this incident.”