Maryland Superintendent of Schools announces he will not seek second term

15 September 2023- The highest education official in Maryland has announced that he will be withdrawing his request for a second term as State Superintendent of Schools. Mohammed Choudhury has presided over the state’s “Blueprint for Maryland’s Future”, a huge overhaul of the state’s education system that was spearheaded by Governor Wes Moore. MSDE (Maryland State Department of Education) submitted their final report on the state’s education system, which can be found in full HERE.

It is unclear how much time is left for Choudhury in his current roll as the state is already clearing way for a replacement. Full statement by him and the education board is below.

Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury informed the State Board that he is withdrawing his request for a second term to pursue other opportunities.

The State Board is grateful to Superintendent Choudhury for his leadership in Maryland through the first phase of educational transformation in the State. Over the past two years, he rebuilt the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for the Blueprint era, centered the focus of the State Board and MSDE on comprehensive educational equity, led the charge to build a Strategic Plan, prioritized improving reading proficiency rates which recently improved to their highest level in nearly a decade, and developed innovative programs such as Maryland Leads, Maryland Works, and the Maryland Tutoring Corps initiative. Superintendent Choudhury has also strengthened MSDE staffing infrastructure, resulting in the lowest vacancy rate in a decade while recruiting top tier talent and elevating current employees. During the remainder of his tenure, the Superintendent will work with the State Board and other stakeholders to continue the critical work of leading education transformation in Maryland.

The State Board intends to present plans for transition and a national search by its upcoming September 26th State Board meeting. The State Board and the Superintendent will be making no further comment at this time.

State Republicans in Annapolis, who have skeptical of Choudhury, have issued a statement calling him “not the right person” for the job. Full statement from them is also below.

“It was clear that Choudhury was not the right person to lead Maryland’s Public Schools system. His management style as well as his lack of transparency and accessibility were extremely concerning.

We encourage the State Board of Education to hire a new Superintendent who will be focused on accountability, collaborating with local school boards, listening to parents, and ensuring that all of Maryland’s students have access to a high-quality education.”

Senate Minority Leader Steve Hershey and Senate Minority Whip Justin Ready