Maryland Republican Party announces new Executive Director

10 January 2023- Newly-elected Maryland Republican Party Chairman Nicole Beus Harris announced the hiring of a new Executive Director on Monday.

“Adam Wood has a wealth of political knowledge and an extensive background in campaigns, activism, and policy, both on the national and state levels. Furthermore, Mr. Wood’s past work with both the Tea Party/House Freedom Caucus conservatives and the Republican Governance Group/Tuesday Group moderate Republicans will bolter communication and unification within the party. He will be a key resource in our efforts to build a robust and effective party structure in the State of Maryland,” said Chairman Harris.

Wood has previously managed campaigns across the country, both at the Congressional and state-wide levels. He has also worked on Capitol Hill for nearly a decade, as well as with numerous activist groups on both policy and advocacy. During this time he has worked with the Freedom Caucus, the Tuesday Group, and the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, making him uniquely qualified to work in harmony with the entire MDGOP.