Maryland looking to add $3 more to an already $15 minimum wage

February 23 – There are bills in the Maryland General Assembly right now that would give an additional $3 to people who are considered essential workers and worked through the pandemic, raising their wages to $18 an hour.

Maryland State Senator Paul Corderman joined News Talk 103.7FM 23 February to discuss the issue. “You would think that even with this pandemic that we’re in right now, that it would have slowed it (minimum wage) down because there are supposed to be quote unquote economic triggers that would provide relief for small businesses,” Corderman said. “But even that didn’t slow it down this year.”

The Maryland state legislature is considering a bill that would give certain essential workers a hazard pay increase of $3 an hour retroactive to March 2020, according to

Corderman noted that everyone is grateful for the people who worked through the pandemic.

“Not only do they want to do that for government positions, but there was amendment thrown in last week where they wanted to add to the private sector a mandate for small business to pay even more,” Corderman said. “It’s a fight down here on these things. It all adds up. If government starts paying $15 or $18 an hour, who’s paying for that? Well, you and I are.”