Maryland and West Virginia primaries are tomorrow

May 13 – Decisions will be made in Maryland and West Virginia tomorrow on the candidates who will be on the ballots this November. 

There are a number of races in our neck of the woods, including David Trone, a US Representative from Maryland’s 6th district, who is running for the nomination to a US Senate seat in Maryland. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Last week we talked about the money that David Trone is spending and I think when we talked the reporting was he had spent $52, $54 million of his own money on this US Senate race. Today’s Wall Street Journal is saying he has spent more than $60 million of his own money on this race. So that meter is running very quickly and it’s not clear if he wins this tomorrow. That’s the race to watch tomorrow in Maryland. There’s some good races of course in West Virginia as well.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7 pointed out, “You don’t spend $60 million plus dollars for a $170,000 a year job without the people that are making that decision to vote, scratching their head.”

Paul Frey, president of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, said, “I think if he gets to the primary, we might be seeing $100 million before it’s all over. So what we encourage people to do is educate yourself on the candidates. Do your homework. The internet is your friend. There’s lots on there. You can go to their websites, go to all the candidates’ websites, do Google searches, find out what their background is, where they voted, whether it be locally in Maryland or nationally. All the candidates, Republican, Democrat, Independents, do your homework and get out and vote because it really is important every year, this year in particular. We need to make sure folks are voting and getting people they want in office and let your voices be heard. That’s what we really support and educate ourselves and vote.” 

What races in Washington County seem to be interesting? 

Frey said, “The Board of Education is interesting. We have three incumbents running again and again, educate yourself. There’s three or four folks who are new to the scene for the Board of Ed. I think we would like to see some more private sector business people on that board. We love teachers. We love educators and I think a diverse board is helpful. So look at the Board of Ed. We also have the city council, we have at least one new city council member because Shelley McIntire is not going to run again, that’s going to be important. Then the mayoral race, there’s really two candidates. They’re both running unopposed on respective ballots. So there’s a couple of interesting ones to look at. You mentioned the US Senate and Congress. So locally, the Board of Ed and council and mayor.

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “There’s a great t-shirt that’s been tied to the protests going around the country called Learn First, Then Protest. I would say another great one would be Learn First, Then Vote. Really be an informed and educated voter. It’s very important.

Frey added, “Just don’t vote on emotion. So, learn, then vote. Don’t just vote because of the first five candidates on that ballot for the particular office.”