Maryland AG: SCOTUS decision on Student Loan forgiveness “widens the racial wealth gap”

30 June 2023- In response to today’s United States Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling to strike down the Biden Administration’s student loan forgiveness plan, Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown issued the following statement:

“Once again, the Supreme Court today rolled back protections and support for people who disproportionately face discrimination and other obstacles as they seek to pursue educational opportunities. And in doing so, the Court deprives us all of the benefits of a fully diverse and inclusive society that taps the potential of every individual. Piling on its decision yesterday to undermine Black and Brown students’ access to higher education, the Court today has also made it more difficult for members of these same communities to get out from under the crushing burden of student loan debt that they shoulder in disproportionate numbers.”

“In addition, once women and people from overburdened and underrepresented communities join the workplace, their compensation often lags behind that of their colleagues, compounding the harmful impacts of oppressive debt. This decision also widens the racial wealth gap. Yet again, we must now work to find other ways to close this gap and to support communities facing financial burdens that blight their economic opportunity and security.”