Mark your calendars for the Pennsylvania Freedom Conference

09 August 2023- The annual Pennsylvania Freedom Conference will be held at noon on October 21 in Harrisburg. 

Sponsored by State Senator Doug Mastriano, the event will help people get involved. 

Mastriano said, “Something interesting happened in our election, although the establishment is going on about the law. So the one thing that they’re not talking about is we had the biggest turnout for a Republican gubernatorial candidate, biggest since 1962. So 60 years, largest grassroots movement without the help of the establishment without the help of the PACs. Imagine if they got on board how we could have built upon that success. So we have this largest conservative movement here and we want to build on it.”

Registration will be open shortly and can be found here:

Mastriano explained, “We’ll have a nominal fee to help defer costs because we’re planning on bringing some high level, well known speakers to be keynote speakers. We’ll have a couple of keynotes. So it should be a great time.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7 FM pointed out, “One of the things that I was learning from some of the back and forth that we’ve had here is getting the locals educated. Here’s how you get on the ballot. Here’s how you get involved in the process. Look, I can’t do anything about Brian Sims. He’s going to scream at somebody praying in front of abortion clinic. Can’t do anything about Josh Shapiro with $100 million trying to help out the most poor in the worst school districts. But what I can do is I can encourage people one kid at a time. Here it is with you, one election and one little borough at a time, right?”

“Exactly,” Mastriano agreed. “And so the purpose of this conference is to motivate, to educate and to bring together like-minded people. We want to expand the reach of our Walk as Free People movement. It was born out of the shutdown. You guys had that great rally right here, right down the street, in June of 2020 to reopen our state. The Democrat party that put those bags out there, they’re culpable. They’re responsible, their policies, their democratic governor, their Democrat Secretary of Health made a decision that resulted in most of the dead in Pennsylvania. It was taking the sick out of the hospitals and putting them back into homes, unleashing the plague. They’ll never tell that dirty secret. It was just an interesting time and we saw the government trample on our rights and freedoms. It was really disheartening, about a third of the population became tyrants, they became enforcers of Tom Wolf’s policies, ratting out businesses that were trying to exercise our freedoms. Ratting out people, yelling at people, where’s your mask? These sick minds. But there was a third of the population that said no, from the left and the right, that wanted to have sovereignty over their body and it was this movement they gave us without the funding or the support of the Republican Governors Association, despite that, we have this movement.”

The conference will explain how to run for office and hear from people who have run for school board and local offices. 

Mastriano said, “We’ve got to stick together. As Franklin said, if we don’t hang together, we’ll hang separately. We’ve got to stick together.”

To be a part of the movement, register for the PA Freedom Conference here: