Mark your calendars for the Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus on October 21

HARRISBURG – State Senator Doug Mastriano will hold the first major conservative conference in the state of Pennsylvania at noon on Saturday, October 21, at Life Center Church, 411 S 40th St, Harrisburg.

Mastriano said, “We’re projecting it to be the biggest gathering of conservatives in the state. We have a modest fee. There are costs that we’re trying to defer that with registration. We do have a great band lined up, Petra. It’s for old Christian rockers from the 80s probably recognize their 50th anniversary tour. This is it. Petra be they’re providing music. They’re doing fantastic. They still sound great. They’re going to do two sets throughout the day.”

Two or three headliners will be in attendance and there will be panels all day.

Mastriano said, “The panels will be what happened in 2022? What’s the way ahead? How to take back our schools? How to run for office, practical applications. The purpose of this is to motivate the next generation of leaders. Now let me lay something out here. The next generation just does not mean young. It means a new generation of leaders like Donald Trump, who didn’t get in politics until his 70s or late 60s or Ronald Reagan who didn’t enter politics until he was 54. So we’re looking for a new generation, young or old, and we’re going to lay out what the problems are in this state and offer solutions and what you can do about it.”

If you’ve ever considered running for local politics, this will be a great opportunity to learn how to start.

Mastriano said, “When I entered politics and you guys were there every step of the way with me. In fact it was this station that inspired me or compelled me to run, but running for Congress the first time in 2018, it was intimidating. How do you do this? I had all the same questions. Exactly. How do you get on the ballot? What are the procedures? So we’ll help people untangle that. We have one of our volunteers and a mom, Rachel Moyer. She’ll be up there. She ran for school board, got tired of seeing things fall apart in her community, and she’s going to lay out to people, how you how you do this.”

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