Man denied bail in Franklin County after running over girlfriend with U-Haul truck last year

27 February 2024- Multiple cases are pending against a Geneva, New York man following an incident on I-81 last year that allegedly saw a woman get run over by a U-Haul box truck as part of a domestic violence episode. Wayne Douglas Spencer is charged with felony aggravated assault by vehicle, felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor terroristic threats, misdemeanor reckless endangerment and numerous traffic violations including accidents involving death or personal injury, driving on a suspended license, and more.

In a related case, Spencer is charged with felony fleeing an officer, depositing waste on a highway, and other traffic violations. Due to these incidents, Spencer was denied bail by MDJ Rock on grounds of public safety.

Troopers were called to the I-81SB off ramp near mile marker 20, Scotland, just after 2am on June 14th, 2023. Arriving on scene, Troopers found a woman laying on the right shoulder of the off ramp and injured. Rushing to give her aid, Troopers learned that this victim was the passenger of a U-Haul box truck driven by Wayne Spencer that night.

The victim allegedly told police that she and Spencer had gotten into an argument on the drive from New York to North Carolina. Angry and accusing her of cheating, Spencer reportedly pulled out a knife and threatened to stab her. Troopers say that the victim told them Spencer struck her with the handle of the knife on her left arm before continuing to threaten her. One time, she alleges, Spencer struck her on the left arm with the cutting edge of the blade, saying “see? I lined you up, b****”.

Troopers say that the victim was in extreme pain and had road rash on her triceps, biceps, lower back, and knees. This is due to the fact that, according to police, the victim opened the vehicle door at 65mph and told Spencer to stop the truck. After Spencer took the off ramp and slowed to about 30mph, he allegedly told the victim “I’m gonna pull off the road and stab you and throw you into a ditch”. It was at that point that the victim tried exiting the moving vehicle. Not able to stay upright, the victim fell onto the ground.

When she fell, PSP say that Spencer turned the vehicle and drove over the victim, running over her hip and lower torso. Spencer then reportedly drove away, back onto the interstate.

A BOLO, or Be On the LookOut, for Spencer was issued and PSP Troopers found that U-Haul truck back on I-81SB near mile marker 1.5. Giving chase, Troopers had to disengage from their pursuit as Spencer’s truck crossed into Maryland. It is unclear what exactly was thrown from the U-Haul truck during the chase but he was charged with throwing waste onto the highway during the chase.

The condition of the victim is unknown at this time, as court filings do not indicate the exact nature of her injuries. They, however, are noted as being serious.

Wayne Spencer is finally behind bars after an arraignment in Franklin County last week.

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