Man accused of sexually assaulting his children now charged along with his mother with stalking, retaliating against victims

08 December 2023- The grandmother of the victims at the center of a case involving alleged long term sexual abuse in Greencastle is charged with her son with attempting to contact and harass the victims of the latter’s abuse. Ludmila Snyder-Brandl and Christopher Bennett are both charged with two counts of misdemeanor retaliation against a witness or victim and two counts of misdemeanor stalking. Bennett remains behind bars in Franklin County due to his prior charges. Snyder-Brandl is set to be arraigned by MDJ Cunningham at a later date.

In September of this year, PSP Troopers investigating the case against Christopher Bennett were informed that Bennett’s mother had been trying to communicate with three of the victims. Bennett was allegedly the father of the victims, with his mother and the victim’s grandmother being Ludmila Snyder-Brandl.

Troopers were able to access phone calls made by Bennett while he was incarcerated at the Franklin County Jail to his mother, Snyder-Brandl. During the course of the numerous phone calls, police allege that Snyder-Brandl and Bennett conspired to speak to the victims and give them numerous gifts including flowers, birthday cards, cookies, and more.

This reportedly escalated to attempting to deliver these items to the victims’ school as well as monitoring when the victims were at home based off their vehicles in a driveway. While the phone calls usually, according to police’s court filings, remained cordial, they would sometimes escalate to the point where both Bennett and Snyder-Brandl would call the children “brats” because they weren’t taking the “gifts”.

This information was also allegedly confirmed by investigating Troopers by accessing photos that were sent to Bennett’s in-jail tablet. In the photos, Snyder-Brandl allegedly took pictures of the victims’ home with vehicles for confirmation.

Police spoke with the victims, who allegedly told them they were well aware of Snyder-Brandl’s contact with Bennett, stating “we aren’t even safe at school”.

Ludmila Snyder-Brandl remains free as of publication pending an arraignment. Christopher Bennett remains behind bars.

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