Make sure the Luck of the Irish is with you today – have a plan if you go a little overboard with the party

March 17 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours. If you have plans to celebrate and maybe grab a green beer or two, have a plan if things get a little crazy. 

It’s all fun and games until the celebration ends in a DUI. 

It has been announced that there will be increased patrols on the roads tonight. 

In Pennsylvania, Driving Under the Influence is based on a person’s blood alcohol level. Anything above a .08 is considered DUI. The grades of offense get higher as the blood alcohol content gets higher. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll pointed out, “There are even scenarios if you are in the highest grading of a DUI/blood alcohol content which would be above a .16 that you could be looking at mandatory jail time, even on a first offense. That’s in addition to a license suspension of a year, fines, having the put the ignition interlock device on your car once you get your license restored. There’s all sorts of consequences that come from getting arrested and convicted.” 

If you have a little too much tonight, get someone to take you home. It’s really not worth the risk. 

Have fun, but be responsible.