Make sure celebrating St. Patrick doesn’t result in a DUI

March 17 – With all the green beer flowing like emerald rivers tonight, do not take the chance on driving drunk.

DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) are graded based on blood alcohol content and in addition to possible fines and jail time, if convicted, you could lose your driver’s license – something that for a lot of people can be the toughest penalty of all.

Before heading out, make sure you have a plan for getting home. Call someone, get an Uber, figure out anything other than getting behind the wheel.

Because even if you are just behind the wheel, you could still be charged.

If the keys are in the ignition or even in your hands, and there’s a suggestion that you still have control of the automobile or that you had driven it or were in control of it while it was running, that could be enough to charge you with a DUI.

Yep, even just sitting in a running car could do it.

So put the keys somewhere else – the trunk, the back seat, somewhere.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday. Just make sure it doesn’t mess up the rest of the month.