Made in America?

As part of the ongoing fight against the pandemic, which has been complicated by the emergence of mutated variants of the coronavirus, the administration is considering sending face masks to every U.S. household. NBC News reported that President Biden‘s Covid-19 team has been discussing the idea and considering the logistics.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said about the idea, “There are a range of options on the table to help protect more Americans from the coronavirus and encourage people to mask up, but no decision has been made.” Former President Donald Trump‘s administration scrapped a plan last year that would have sent 650 million reusable cotton masks to all U.S. households via the U.S. Postal Service starting in April, near the beginning of the pandemic. The idea was rejected because of concern that Americans getting the masks “might create concern or panic.” Most of the masks for the initiative were instead given to  state and nonprofit organizations. (Newser)