Local reps call for legislative-led election audit

HARRISBURG – Reps. Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin) and Paul Schemel (R-Franklin) were among a group of Pennsylvania lawmakers who recently announced their support for a bipartisan, legislative-led audit of the 2020 General Election and asserted that the election results not be certified until a final report from the audit is made public.

Members of the General Assembly delivered the following statement: 

 “Over the last several days stories coming from local and national media outlets as well as personal reports made to our offices reveal a multitude of claims surrounding the integrity of the recent elections in Pennsylvania. Irregularities and inconsistencies associated with the conduct of the elections together with accusations of barriers to the transparent tabulation of election results warrant a closer and more comprehensive examination than state agencies have thus far undertaken.

“In order to address the growing concerns relating to the recent election it is imperative that a standing committee within the General Assembly, one possessing the authority to subpoena evidence, be immediately charged with auditing the 2020 General Election. As the branch of government which is both the most politically diverse and the closest to the people, the General Assembly is uniquely constituted to conduct a review of this highly charged issue, one which would take place within the full view of the people of Pennsylvania.

“The selection of the next president of the United States being of paramount importance to all Americans, it is imperative that the legislative audit of Pennsylvania’s election be conducted thoroughly but also expeditiously. Although time is of the essence, there remains adequate time to conduct the review and report the findings prior to the certification of the election results and the empanelment of Pennsylvania’s electors to the Electoral College. The integrity of our elections and the credibility of our next president deserve this review be undertaken with appropriate attention and speed.”