LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clear Spring Fire Department is making a mistake

I love being a resident of Clear Spring: friendly people, beautiful surroundings, and an amazing sense of safety. 

However, small town politics is raising its head again, and it leaves me as a taxpayer and a member of the community frustrated and appalled at the selfish behavior of the Clear Spring Volunteer Fire Department.

Washington County has offered to provide, at NO COST to Clear Spring Fire Department, additional staff members to ensure that Clear Spring Fire Department is staffed to keep our community safe.

Apparently, the Clear Spring Fire Department is on the verge of turning down this offer, out of stubbornness. 

In making that decision, they are turning down more than just extra help. 

The Clear Spring Fire Department will be turning down an opportunity for every person in Clear Spring to have full safety, their well-being, and allowing the taxpayers of Clear Spring to instead lose out on this amazing opportunity. 

If Clear Spring Fire Department chooses NOT to take advantage of this from the County Commissioners, the staffing will instead go to another department to provide them with the staffing and Clear Spring Fire Department will get nothing. 

Clear Spring is almost a 90-mile area, with a major interstate, yet a small population. Why would ANYONE turn down this type of assistance from the County?

I hope Clear Spring Fire Department decision makers open their eyes and put aside their pride, because these decisions affect the entire community. 

When an elderly neighbor needs assistance, and the staff is limited at Clear Spring, then what happens? 

If your house has a fire, and the staff at Clear Spring arrives with one driver because volunteers are limited, then what happens? 

This decision needs to be made looking beyond the walls of the fire department and their pride, and instead thinking of the community and taxpayers of Clear Spring.

We are being offered a golden opportunity, and we are about to lose that.

I fear we will be feeling the consequences of these small-minded decision makers for generations to come if we turn down funding and support from the county level.

–Andrew Cunningham, Clear Spring, Maryland