Letter attacking DEI sent by 13 AGs to Fortune 100 companies, Dem AGs respond

25 July 2023- It has been well publicized that many Republican Attorneys General across the United States have taken DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) policies into their crosshairs in recent years. Court cases, in house policies, and business pressures have ratcheted up as the grilling of the ideologies of DEI have continued. Recently, 13 Attorneys General, including that of West Virginia and headlined by Tennessee’s AG’s Office, sent a letter to Fortune 100 companies in an effort to stop further DEI policies in place at their companies. The full letter from those AG’s Offices can be found HERE.

Democrat Attorney General Anthony Brown of Maryland, himself a vocal proponent of DEI policies, released a counter statement of his own. The full letter from Brown is available below.

“Recently, 13 state attorneys general sent a letter to Fortune 100 companies in an attempt to undermine the efforts made by businesses to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Let me be clear: diversity is not a threat—it’s an asset! Diversity initiatives address longstanding disparities that continue to persist in our society, while also enriching business, sparking innovation, and fostering greater understanding among individuals from various backgrounds and experiences. Embracing and supporting diversity is a moral imperative and smart business.

“Study after study has shown that teams made up of people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences outperform ones that lack diversity, leading to better business outcomes and improved bottom lines. By fostering diversity, businesses are not only upholding their ethical responsibilities but also securing a competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

“Instead of celebrating the advancements made by many companies in creating inclusive work environments, these attorneys general seek to stifle efforts to reduce inequities and impede progress for those seeking equal opportunities. Labeling diversity initiatives that create a level playing field as “discrimination” is unfounded, misleading, and harmful. Companies are well within their rights to establish diversity and equity programs aimed at addressing historical inequities and improving representation for marginalized communities.

“We will not allow false claims and intimidation tactics to deter businesses from promoting diversity and equity in their workplaces. It is my duty to stand up for the rights of every Marylander, including Maryland businesses who seek to expand their workforces, and I will vigorously oppose any attempts to hinder progress towards a more fair, just, and equitable society in our State.”