Let’s talk with Colonel Doug after his victory yesterday

May 18 – The numbers are in. And they are bigger than anyone predicted.

State Senator Colonel Doug Mastriano is the Republican nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania after yesterday’s primary election.

Mastriano won by a much bigger margin than even the most recent polls predicted – he ended up taking 44% of the primary electorate. That’s almost 25 points ahead of the next finisher, which was Lou Barletta.  

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “His message clearly resonated with Republican voters yesterday. I think the first time in Pennsylvania history we’ve had a statewide nominee from Franklin County, so that’s very special in its own right.”

State Senator Doug Mastriano, “What a great night. Wow. We’re just so thankful.”

By 9:45 p.m. last night, it was official.

Mastriano said, “Knowing the issues with reporting and normally at least in big years any way with our election system, I figured it would drag out a bit, so I’m thankful that we’re actually able to call a clear victory in this case.”

At 44% of the vote, it was a very big win for the Colonel.

Mastriano said, “We watched all the drama with the establishment and the insiders the past couple of weeks. They’re beating their chests, wailing and moaning and gnashing their teeth that I’m only going to win with 28% of the vote and this has to be a mandate. It’s a shame that even some even in our own county leadership was flirting with Lou. I really don’t understand it because obviously the message with us has always been with the people and speaking for the people for the past two years during the critical time in our nation’s and state’s history. None of the other guys on the ballot, the other eight, did anything during the shutdown.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I never got Barletta from beginning to end and I thought the message that you had with where were you guys a couple of years ago while we were all in pain, in the state, in the struggle? You were there in the foxhole from day one.”

Mastriano said, “That was exactly our message. It’s a big insulting that of the nine candidates – I wasn’t alone, we had good people with us fighting like Rob Kauffman and others – but as far as the gubernatorial race that I’d have to endure these speeches, ‘I promise as governor I will, I shall, I pledge.’ I’m just shaking my head. The past two years I’ve been brutalized and mugged by the media, lambasted, slammed by them, maliciously treated, maligned publicly. These guys just sat back and I know for a fact one of them was goofing off at the country club during the shutdown, having fun with their family. This is insulting to the people of Pennsylvania. I’m so thankful the people of Pennsylvania we stood together. This isn’t about Doug Mastriano. It’s about our state and getting our freedoms and rights back and making things right in Pennsylvania.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “There was nothing of the other candidates that showed as much of a current action as you did. Maybe I’m a little biased because I was here to witness some of that, especially the rallies to try to open up the state. We know now all the damage that we predicted and thought would be done, was done, and you were one of the people out there early fighting it.”

In Franklin County and Fulton County, Mastriano received more than 80% of the vote.

Mastriano said, “It’s an honor to be the first one from the county as far as anyone can remember to go this far. I’m just so humbled and thankful. I’m thankful that my county stood with me together with Fulton County and Rebbie’s home county, Mercer County, with 73% or so, and those are the top supporters that we had across the state. I’m looking at the numbers and it’s just really incredible because all the moaning and how much a catastrophe this would be for our state from the insiders, I mean it’s not even born out in history.”

Dick Thornburgh and Tom Ridge won the governor’s office in PA with less percentage than Mastriano saw yesterday.

Mastriano said, “I have a solid mandate in a race with nine candidates. Everyone needs to get behind us. Now look, whether you supported Lou or any of the other guys at this point doesn’t matter. We had a tough race. The people have spoken overwhelmingly and resoundingly. Now it’s time to come together because we really do have a huge fight on our hands. Now we’ve got to get together and we’ve got to take our state back. There’s no more playing around. This is serious.”

Jansen said, “You said yourself, it’s not about you. It’s about the future of our country, of our state, for our children. I don’t mean to wax too dramatic, but it really is.”

Carrie DelRosso was the Republican pick for lieutenant governor yesterday.

Mastriano said, “I will lead by example. I gave Carrie DelRosso a call last night around midnight. Rebbie and I called her to congratulate her. We’re going to be getting together over the next week or so to work out a plan on how we’re going to campaign together and get our message of hope and strengthening our economy and our families back across the state here.”

Lou Barletta, Bill McSwain, Dave White and Charles Gerow all called Mastriano with congratulations.

He said, “They’re all like let’s get together on this now. We all fought as hard as we could and you won. We’re going to coalesce around here because this is more important to win Pennsylvania than Shapiro to do it.”

Will this win be able to bring together the Ben Franklin Society and the Reagan Coalition locally in Franklin County?

Ryan noted, “We’ve got to get behind Doug and we’ve got to do it immediately and I call on both of those groups to go this is the guy. This is the time. This is our state and Doug has fought for you right through the pandemic and through this governor and through Doc Rach. This is the guy and this is the time.”

Mastriano said, “Some of the groups supported other candidates. That’s fine. We’re a constitutional Republic. That’s great. Glad you’re involved. Now we really, really do have to get together and so whether you like me personally or not, is irrelevant at this point here. Let’s talk Franklin County. Almost 82% of the county…they spoke. Let’s represent the people and get together. Let’s do the job and by God, I’m going to need help because we’re going to be up against that Democrat machine and we can’t have another failure like what happened a few years back in the last gubernatorial race. We really do need to solidify and fight in one accord against our common foe.”

Ryan pointed out, “To the personality part here. If it was personality, we saw what happened you didn’t like Donald Trump’s personality. Now we don’t have Donald Trump here and you’ve got $5 gas, you’ve got inflation…because you were worried about a personality. I need a bull in a china shop like State Senator Mastriano.”

Jansen added, “Let’s talk to people who have faith. Certainly the prayers have been flowing. Please God, please direct us. I know that’s your prayer. It’s tell me what You want me to do. It’s not my will, it’s what do You want me to do? And you felt called. Many, many people have prayed for you and over you. If you have faith, then remember God doesn’t necessarily pick who you think would be the right person, but if you’ve prayed for this and this is the outcome, have a little faith, have a little trust and maybe put that forward and forget your own personal feelings. We have to remember that now.”

Mastriano agreed, “That’s exactly true. I’d also like to thank NewsTalk 103.7. You guys had me on when I was a Colonel in the army and then all the programs you had me on, even with the call-in show last year. Despite the flack you got from some of these very curmudgeon-like people here that just hates anyone except themselves. They’re the only perfect Republican, but thank you for giving me a platform to talk about Russia and international affairs and international policy for five or six years when I was still in the army in the area here. Who would have known that it would launch into what we have now? I mean, it’s incredible. So thank you for stepping out and taking a risk and taking flack from people as well for having me on.”

Ryan said, “I know that you will not forget Franklin County once you’re in the governor’s office. You’re going to be one that is going to be for everyone in the state, not just for the unions and the usual suspects.”

So what are the next moves for the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania?

Mastriano said, “Obviously there’s a few things. No rest yet. We do have some time blocked down the road, but to get our arms around this victory and this momentum and this moment we have. Just try to start expanding our team. Reaching out to folks that supported other candidates that are important people in the state here and seeing where they want to be plugged in, if at all and how we move forward. So now it’s phase two of the operation. Phase one was of course the primary and the primary is obviously different than a general election.”

He will work on bringing together the various communities through PA.

Mastriano said, “It’s time to move forward now into victory. No defeatism. I have a greater victory than any of the last two two-term governors that we had on the Republican side here. So we have a chance and we do have to work together to make this possible. It’s going to be a long road, six months or so, but we’re going to get it done together.”

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