Let’s talk about Trump’s Milwaukee comment with someone who was actually there

June 19 — When Donald Trump spoke with lawmakers last week in Washington at a closed-door meeting, reporting came out that the Republican nominee for president allegedly said Milwaukee — the city where the Republican convention will be held in July — was horrible. 

The comment has been debated for the last few days as to what Trump actually meant. 

Our own Congressman John Joyce was in the room when Trump made the comment. 

He said, “It was an honor to see President Trump back in Washington and dialoguing with members of Congress and talking about how important it is that we work together to retake the House. Yes, he made an off the cuff comment about Milwaukee, and I don’t think that was the major importance of what his message was. He discussed his campaign, he discussed his ability to share his work for us, to hold on to our majority in the House, to be able to take back the Senate, and obviously, to win back the White House. President Trump, he’s leading in all of the polls and helping to grow our party. More and more young people are registering to become Republicans and making plans to vote in November.”

The first debate between Trump and President Joe Biden will be next Thursday on CNN. 

Joyce predicted, “I think we’re going to see how strong an individual, how alert and in tune an individual President Donald J. Trump is, and I think we’re going to see juxtaposed to that, that President Biden simply is not up to the task. President Trump, he’s a leader who’s strong. President Trump has a vision for our country. The American people are going to see side by side next Thursday evening that President Trump is the leader that we need back in the Oval Office, and this year, I think there are many things that are lining up in our favor. The map is in our favor. We’re in that strong position, as I said, to win back the White House, to win the Senate, and to hold the House and take additional seats in the House of Representatives, so we have individuals who will stand together on the conservative agenda that Americans want. As I travel throughout the district, Americans need to see that Congress will continue to work for them. And this is an important point that I want everyone to hear me say — it will make permanent the middle class tax cuts that President Trump passed during his first term. We need President Trump back in office. We need a Republican House. We need a Republican Senate. And that message resonated when President Trump was back with us in Washington last week.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You saw in the State of the Union that normally incoherent occupant of the White House pulled it out for a couple of moments here. What do you say when they prop him up? I mean, he’s going to be on rest and relaxation for the next week, I guess, to try to get him ready for this debate. What do you say when he comes out and he at least perhaps holds his own? They’re certainly not going to see him like he was with the Pope, or it was the G7 or meandering around all over the place. They’re certainly not going to take that risk. Who knows what they’re going to put in his bloodstream?”

Joyce said, “I think that’s a great point that you bring up, because I was curiously surprised how Biden presented himself at the State of the Union, but he is not going to be standing beside Donald J Trump. He is not going to be standing beside a fearless leader who is going to attack what the Biden economics have done to Americans. He is not going to be standing beside someone who is going to challenge his open border policy. I think it’s going to unnerve him. Yes, I have those concerns of what they’re going to do to prop him up. Your words, and I agree with those words, but again, he’s got to be shoulder to shoulder with the greatest president that we’ve had in my lifetime. I think he’s going to wither. I don’t think he’s going to be able to pull it off. I think that it’s going to be important. I’m not someone who watches television a lot, but next Thursday night, at nine o’clock, I want America to tune in and see the comparison between a strong leader, Donald J Trump, and a withering leader, and that’s Joe Biden.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “They do expect the ratings on this to be astronomical, because I think people do want to see this. It’s funny, you said standing next to, except they will be sitting. We know they’re having all these weird rules that wouldn’t be typical for something like this, like the fact they get to be sitting down for one thing. I do worry that we’re setting the bar too low for Biden, so that all he has to do is be coherent and everybody will say it’s a win. So it’s a cautionary piece on that, but I do think it will be very interesting to watch. I think people will want to watch it.”