Let’s take a look at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in Chambersburg this week

March 4 – While there will be no borough council meeting this week, both the Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board will meet on Tuesday. 

The next borough council meeting will be March 11. 

Planning and Zoning will meet at 7 p.m. and the Zoning Hearing Board will meet at 5 p.m. 

Allen Coffman, borough council president, pointed out, “Some of these plans that people talk about, they don’t get done in maybe one meeting. It might be several meetings until they get it through. But here’s what’s on the Planning and Zoning list for Tuesday night. They’ll meet at seven o’clock. They meet in council chambers, but one of the things they’re going to do is look at the combination of the deeds, where Chambers Fort Park sits just north of the square, where the Founding Fathers statue is. That area actually is eight different parcels and what they’re going to do now is move it into one deed. We own all eight parcels there that they sit on. So they’re going to go from eight and combine it into one.”

It likely won’t have any effect on the plans for the amphitheater. 

Coffman said, “The other thing would be Pre-Owned Motorcars is going to have a subdivision there. He’s the gentleman who bought the old Moose Club over off of Wayne Avenue and 81. He’s got a plan to subdivide some area over there. This one I found most interesting because I haven’t researched it yet. Tall Pines Distillery, on Orchard Drive. It sounds like we’re really going to get a distillery here in Chambersburg. Probably the first one to the best of my knowledge, at least the first legal one. I haven’t looked at the material close enough yet to see and I don’t know that I have it available.”

The Franklin County Housing Authority is going to present construction plans. 

Coffman said, “They’re going to construct a pavilion and build a bathroom near the park over on Washington Street in the area where they operate out of. I’m going to guess that it’s federal money there, but I’m not sure.” 

Zoning Code amendments will also be reviewed. 

Coffman said, “Things that were discussed during the comprehensive plan. Now they’re going to start looking at and taking some action on that.” 

There is an amphitheater project off Lincoln Way West in Chambersburg, just before the bridge, close to the Conococheague. 

Coffman said, “The Department of Community and Economic Development from Pennsylvania is coming down here today to take a look at some projects that are ongoing. They’re calling it the Spring Street Amphitheater Project. They’re going to take a look at that. There’s going to be a tour where they’re going to look at various projects that are being done.”

Coffman was in Washington, DC, last week where he participated in meetings for the American Public Power Association. The gas association met in DC in January. 

The borough of Chambersburg maintains its own gas and electric and it helps keep costs low. 

UGI announced last week that it will lower rates by 3% effective March 1. That was on top of more than 20% decrease on December 1. 

UGI is pointing out that natural gas prices are at a 30-year low and they are able to pass along the savings to customers. 

The Public Utility Commission mandates the suppliers to pass along the reduced prices to the consumer. 

Coffman said, “The 3%, wonder if that was the transportation cost for a pipeline. There’s been talk in the industry about the pipeline costs being too high, and they need somebody to look at it and get it adjusted. So maybe that had something to do with it.”

For the Planning and Zoning Commission agenda, click here.
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