Let’s take a look at some poll numbers for president and for top concerns from people in the US

November 2 – An NBC news poll from the Des Moines Register came out recently that showed people sure didn’t seem to care about environmental issues or transgender issues, despite all the press those topics have been getting recently. 

It seemed the people polled worried more about government spending, inflation and immigration than they did about climate change and what’s in someone’s pants. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This poll is consistent with a series of polls the past few months that show that those issues rate very low when you have to prioritize what your biggest concerns are. More and more as this poll is saying, it’s the economy.”

National defense is also high on the list as well as drug issues. 

Abortion rights are up there, as well. 

Barkdoll continued, “So you wonder certainly people like Joe Biden, people like Josh Shapiro, political consultants, they have to be looking at these polls, seeing that those issues are so low on the priority list, and does that translate into a change in their messaging? We’ll see.”

Talking about polling, the Quinnipiac poll yesterday showed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is polling at 22 percent in a three-way race with Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 

Barkdoll said, “That’s the highest number he’s reached. They are again confirming he is peeling more votes away from Trump than he is from Biden. That poll shows Biden ahead by about three points. But again, you wonder about the NBC News poll, this Quinnipiac poll, voters aren’t hearing the issues they want to hear about from some of these candidates. Is that why someone like an RFK seems to be getting more and more traction? You think at 22 percent and he’s running a very low profile campaign, in a three way race, he’s not far from striking distance to being up there in that top tier, tied for the lead.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I’ve got to disagree with this information here. I will be hard pressed to find someone that was in the Trump camp, that remains in the Trump camp, that all of a sudden sees RFK as somebody that I can put my vote behind. He pulls from Biden. I don’t see how he pulls at all from the Trump camp.” 

Barkdoll said, “This is now the third poll that has made the same finding. What these pollsters do, they’ll do Trump, Biden one on one, and almost every time they’re tied, or one of them is ahead by maybe one point. Then they throw RFK into the mix and every one of these polls shows Biden moving ahead by anywhere from three, four to five points. So RFK is taking votes away undoubtedly from both of them, but for some reason, some of these, it might not necessarily be all Republican, some of these could be Independents that lean Republican, when RFK gets thrown into the mix, more of them go for him than they otherwise would go for Trump. It is an interesting dynamic and again, no doubt that both Trump and Biden are keeping a close eye on him because these numbers are getting into territories that are going to become a problem or a headache for Biden and Trump.”