Let’s take a look at current legislation in the US House of Representatives

May 21 – Our Senators and Representatives travel to Washington, DC, to work on legislation and bills to represent us, the people. 

While they’re in session, they see a lot of documents cross their desks. 

One piece of current legislation is looking to ban Central Bank digital currencies. Why should this be a concern? 

Congressman John Joyce explained, “This week the House will vote on the CBDC Anti Surveillance State Act. What that does is it protects Americans’ right to financial privacy by stopping unelected bureaucrats from what is known as the CBDC or the Central Bank Digital Currency. So CBDCs they’re a digital form of currency that is designed and issued by the federal government and that can give the federal government the ability to restrict funding much more easily. This is a way that the government monitors and ultimately controls how you spend your money, how you use your money, where it’s going. This is not something that the Federal Reserve should be involved in and it’s critical right now that we move to put a roadblock in place that stops the development of this sort of currency right here in the USA. Let’s look at a country that’s a prime example of this. The Chinese Communist Party uses digital currency to influence its citizens and we cannot afford to open the door to that type of authoritative control here in the United States. It is an important piece of legislation and Democrats and Republicans together need to band behind this. I’m confident that this will pass. I hope my colleagues in the Senate realize how important this piece of legislation is and when you do that side by side comparison with the Chinese Communist Party and how they control their citizens, to me, this is a piece of legislation that should move forward to protect the privacy of each American citizen.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested, “The pushback will be well we’re just studying it, because the Biden administration put forth an executive order in 2022 that we should do all kinds of reports and studies on this kind of currency because other countries are doing it, but we’ve seen in this administration when they say oh, we’re just studying something it usually means that they’ve already decided to do it.”

Joyce said, “Remember, they were just studying battery cars, and then they push that forward and those mandates, those tied to California, continue. I’m very distrusting of the Biden administration’s, quote unquote, studies. This is their way of de facto legislating from the Administrative Office. I don’t think that’s the rule. The constitution is not set up that way. These studies are really mandates that they’re pushing forward and this is legislation that will stop that.”

Jansen said, “I think that’s important to note, because even though there may be some pushback about it, that might hurt the way we economically advance in the world because if other countries are going to do it, we should do it. But we know some of those other countries like China and Russia are also very interested in looking into this, they are authoritarian. They do control their people through controlling their resources and their money. Yeah, Canada, scarily had the incident where they tried to control those truckers through their money and yes, thankfully, a judge eventually overturned that. But that’s the kind of risk we’re taking with this. If it becomes that important later, you could always try to amend the legislation you’re passing, but I think you’re making a really important statement right now.”

Another bill that’s got a lot of controversy is the immigration bill. 

Joyce said, “There’s an election coming up, and this is a show vote. Schumer announced that the Senate would vote on border legislation and this is the same failed border bill that allows 5,000 illegal immigrants to come into our country each and every day, 5,000. It’s the same bill that fails to provide the necessary funds to complete the border wall. Again, it’s the same bill that fails to end the catch and release program that allows illegal immigrants to continue to come across our southern border. It’s an attempt for Chuck Schumer to cover his vulnerable Senate Democrats through such a vote on border security issues. This isn’t true border security, it’s Schumer setting up to say, well look they voted on this again, three components need to be made clear to everyone. It still allows 5,000 illegals to enter every day. It’s a bill that provides no funding for the completion of the border wall, $0 to put up the completion of the border wall, and it does not end catch and release. It’s a show vote. I agree with that assessment.”

Jansen asked, “Do you find that this seems to be happening a lot where it’s almost like a win/win situation when they put these things up? Because let’s just say by some miracle, well they’ll get it through the Senate, but some miracle you get enough Democrats to join together to get this thing passed. Well, then they’ll say look, we fixed it, which obviously you just expressed some of the reasons why this doesn’t fix it at all. But then at the same time, when it loses they just use it as a campaign tool against Republicans about how they refuse to fix anything. We’re seeing a lot of that where it seems like win/win, you put Joe Biden out there to do early debates and then if he flubs, well, there’s a good excuse to replace him. If he does great, well, then, look. He’s such a great president.”

Speaking of the debates, the first one between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is scheduled for June. Is that too early? 

Joyce said, “I’ve heard what President Trump has said about doing this early and I think that, as you know, I have endorsed President Trump. I’m part of his leadership team and Pennsylvania and will stand behind President Trump as he’s reelected. President Trump feels that because of the mail in ballots and Democrats, allowing so many individuals to vote early, that the debates have to occur early. I think this this will show the strict dichotomy, he is a strong, thoughtful individual, someone who wants to protect our borders, someone who wants to stop the fentanyl from coming in, someone who wants to turn around inflation, versus Biden and his failed policies, the impact of an open southern border, the impact of what inflation is costing the American families. I think it is going to be a home run for President Trump. I really do. I think it will show that we have a statesman versus a failing elderly man who often at times appears confused to all of us, and versus someone who really has the heart of the USA and what he wants to come back to the White House and do. I would welcome these. I look forward to being able to see side by side these two individuals and allow Americans to see where we could be and unfortunately, where we are with Biden.” 

Jansen suggested, “I think it’s interesting. I don’t think they expected him to accept that so readily. I think it took some of the wind out of their sails for them to be able to beat him up and say, oh, look, he won’t take a debate. I just find the whole thing rather fascinating.”

Adding to all of this, the Environmental Protect Act found 70 % of utilities inspected by federal officials over the last year did not meet standards meant to prevent cyber attacks as China, Russia and Iran are actively trying to disable US critical infrastructure.

Joyce said, “Previously having served on Homeland Security, on the cybersecurity subcommittee, I have been aware of how it’s three major actors. It’s China, it’s Russia, it’s Iran that are making these attacks, probably as we’re on this call right now. They’re trying to get into your medical records. They’re trying to get into your banking records. These assaults occur every minute of every day. They want to garner that information, they want to garner that control is ultimately what happens. In the financial realm, they want to see America stutter. They want to see those faults occur. We in Congress are continuing to stand strong and do the necessary research that allows us in Energy and Commerce, to rip and replace the Chinese technology that’s part of our infrastructure. That infrastructure allows China to continue to reach in and garner that information. It’s very concerning to me that any legislation that does not put up those guardrails, that does not have Chinese switches, Chinese transmitters that has to all be taken out of any and those guardrails needs to be in place. Again, China and Russia are top enemies, Iran is close behind. These are the individuals who continue to attack and want to garner your information, harvest that information, and often sell it on the dark web as well. We have to be vigilant and protect the privacy of Americans.”