Let’s check in with Colonel Doug Mastriano

May 4 — With 13 days before the Pennsylvania primary election, State Senator Doug Mastriano has been traveling all throughout the Keystone State.

In his visits on the road to the Republican gubernatorial nomination, he has found very little negative questions.

While there are keyboard warriors are typing away, when it comes to face-to-face interaction, it’s basically pleasant and positive.

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “My favorite intellectually dishonest one is Doug Mastriano wanted to reveal our personal health information. That one makes me laugh every time I see it.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You don’t see people walking up to you going what about this, that and the other thing and you’re ready for those conversations. You’re not hiding anything.”

“Absolutely,” Mastriano said. “Rarely does someone look me in the eye and say hey I’m concerned about this because it’s a joke. It’s stupid. There’s nothing behind it.”

Jansen said, “You only had the same concerns we all did when we didn’t know what was coming. It could have been ebola-like for all we knew. At that point, it was sane for anyone to think are there ways we’re going to have to suspend some things if it’s necessary to protect some people. Within two weeks it became clear this was not that kind of an issue, not that kind of pandemic and you immediately shifted gears, which any reasonable person would do and say, no there’s no reason to suspend these kind of freedoms and in fact we’re starting to see people go too far with this. That was the sane approach and the sane reasoning, but of course you get no context with the accusations.”

In terms of the leak of the Supreme Court opinion of Roe versus Wade, Mastriano finds it worrisome.

He said, “This is the first time we’re told that something like this was leaked and that just shows you how radical the left is. The Democrats, I know they fight for a lot of issues, this is their more important, this is their core issue, the right to kill babies. On our side, once again we’re on the right side of history. Democrats are constantly on the wrong side of history regarding slavery and equal rights. Although their ambition is probably nefarious, I think it’s positive for the campaign going on right now because it’s going to shift it to the most important issue of our generation — the right to life. Now we’ll see where people really stand on that issue. It’s about life. We get this one right, we could change the course of our history in our state and nation.”

Jansen said, “No false narratives about the decision. It’s a long decision. It’s a very well-written decision. It’s about the fact that there is no such thing, they made up law with Roe v Wade in the constitution and all this does is take it back to the states, which is where something as difficult and complicated as this issue is should go. Because obviously there are folks who believe, because science tells us that, that life begins at conception. The argument has always been about when does a human being get the rights afforded to all of us? And many of us believe right from the start. When your life starts. Other people for whatever reason think it should happen later, but they don’t really formulate that opinion very clearly. The more people learn about abortion, the more they tend to start saying, well wait, no.”

Other countries around the world aren’t as liberal as the US in terms of abortion.

Mastriano said, “One of the first pieces of legislation that I introduced was the heartbeat bill. That’s a measure. My goal, ultimately, is to get it down to conception in the end, but I’m trying to approach this in a way that we can save as many babies as soon as possible. The panic on the left is telling. They’re worried that the majority of the people and the majority of the legislative bodies around the nation are going to move to limit abortion. We do know already there’s 18 states that have legislation in place and once the power is returned to them, it’s going to greatly limit the ability to kill babies.”

A lot of people think it should be left to the states.

Ryan asked, “What about a Governor Shapiro? What would Governor Shapiro do? He’ll carry on whatever Tom Wolf has done to this state and put it on steroids. I’d imagine vetoing legislation threatening abortion rights would be a Governor Shapiro, correct?”

Mastriano concurred, “It would similar to what, I believe, we faced with Tom Wolf. We tried to save Downs (Syndrome) babies, which about 60-some percent of them are killed in our nation and equally about that much in Pennsylvania. It was vetoed by Tom Wolf. The Fetal Pain bill, the Baby Pain bill as well. Fetus is baby in Latin. You see how this Orwellian new-speak from the left. We don’t want to call it baby, we’ll call it fetus. For instance, the Heartbeat Bill. Thankfully the House has made some progress. Should it move and pass in the Senate, it’ll be vetoed by Tom Wolf. Josh Shapiro will continue the bloodshed and the war against babies.”

Jansen said, “They sanitized the language so that we don’t understand what we’re actually talking about and that needs to stop. We need to be honest about what we’re doing because that’s then where we make the best decisions for what’s best for Pennsylvanians.”

Mastriano said, “Even fetal remains that they can’t be discarded as medial waste. That was vetoed by Tom Wolf and Josh Shapiro is created in his image.”

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission has created new policies that would expand the definitions of who is included in sex, race and religion for civil rights laws. They are accepting public comment until May 9, but it’s looking like the expansion may be put into place.

Jansen said, “This is mostly to support LGBTQ, so called, rights. I have an issue with that. LGBTQ is what, exactly? Is that an entity? Is that an ethnicity? No that’s an activist, political, ideological group. They might as well give civil rights to the Tea Party as to give it to LGBTQ. If you read the proposed new rules and new definitions, they’re very vague. They’re very subjective, but they claim it’s not going to hurt anything and they get to do this by what authority? This doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Mastriano noted, “They’re not lawmakers. Last I checked according to the constitutions, federal and state, the general assembly makes laws and of course the governor implements them and signs them into law. To have bureaucrats run ahead and create law, I don’t see how it can stand. I do hope the general assembly does something about it. They should.”

About 80,000 people work for the governor in PA — that amounts to tens of millions of dollars.

Mastriano said, “I actually have a bill in place that nobody that works for the state government should not be paid more than the governor. We have people that work for the governor that take their time to hop on my Senate page to attack me. That’s real professional. That’s unethical i would say as well. So we have to clean that place up.”

The new rules from the HRC will go in front of the Independent Regulatory Review Commission to make the final decision. Public comments are open until May 9.

Jansen said, “They cited the Chambersburg reversal of the nondiscrimination ordinance (as the reason for these new regulations). Remember activists were getting municipalities to pass these NDOs to persuade the legislature to make this state law, to increase these civil rights in state law. Now apparently New York did it through their legislature. California did it through their legislature. How come Pennsylvanians have to live by New York and California’s legislature’s decision and not have our own representatives vote on this?”

Mastriano said, “Because our general assembly would stop them in their tracks, unlike the one in New York or California, which are very leftist. It’s interesting that the Democrats, including Tom Wolf will find a way to circumvent the constitution. I get that they’ve gone too far and on day one, I’m going to strike this crap down as governor. Simple as that. I’ll take them on in court. We’ll win. We’re going to fight them. Tooth and nail.”

“It’s authoritarian,” Jansen said.

“It’s ridiculous,” Mastriano agreed. “They’re out of line. They are in no position to create law.”

Ryan added, “Remember Josh Shapiro will carry on RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative). Josh Shapiro will carry on abortion. Remember there was somebody in Chambersburg that called a whole bunch of Republicans Nazis. You would take your freedom of speech away from that person as well on the other side of the aisle. This doesn’t work well for either side. Whatever you’re championing out there on the left, it’s not going to work out for you, especially if you want to call the Republican Party in Pennsylvania a bunch of Nazis.”

Jansen noted, “The HRC, somebody might say well that’s not exactly law, but they have the effect of law in that they can bring things up against you. They can get other organizations or other entities to bring things against you. The intimidation factor, the cost of having to spend money to defend yourself is tremendous. It’s employers with four employees or more. That goes beyond the federal one for employment right now. Please, get to the website, make your comments, read the proposal, see how really kind of vague and ridiculous it is and help us to try to defeat this.”

Click here for the information: https://tristatealert.com/pa-human-relations-commission-to-impose-ca-and-ny-lgbtq-non-discrimination-law-on-pennsylvanians-cutting-the-peoples-representatives-out-of-the-decision/