Leniency at the border – THIS IS ON THE DEMOCRATS

March 9 – With at least 100 migrants testing positive for COVID-19 being releases into the United States, how do we think we can get a hold on this virus if the border policies are this permissive?

An additional statistic says the immigrants coming into Texas have a COVID positivity rating 50% higher than Americans already living in those areas.

Remember, you heard it here at News Talk 103.7FM on March 9, 2021 – this is on the Democrats. When the numbers climb and the virus starts to spread, it’s on the Democrats.

Casey & Toomey can’t turn out press releases fast enough when there it’s about a new Judge they agree on. The mess on the Southern Border takes courage on behalf of constituents. Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen of the Big Talk on 103.7FM discussed the issue today.

Ryan pointed out, “The end game on this mess on the border – that nobody seems to be paying much attention to – is going to be awfully bad if you think another three or six months we all go back into lockdown, this whole thing ramps back up again and it’s more stress and depression on workers, families, kids and the economy. Here we go again on something that it seems like could be very well prevented. We were doing just fine six months ago and now we’ve got this mess.”

In light of the fact that Chambersburg residents can’t even go into borough buildings without getting a temperature check, it’s remarkable that immigrants are getting through the border and being released into the country without any kind of testing.

“It seems to be undermining these COVID mitigation efforts,” Barkdoll said. “It seems like we were coming around the bend with COVID, but when you see a story like this, it’s naturally causing concern. You get hundreds of thousands of people in, unvetted, COVID positive, does this become a super spreader event that is in the context of people crossing the border?”

These are Democrat policies.

“This is Bob Casey,” Ryan said. “This is all democrats. Remember this. Where we are today. This. Is. On. The. Democrats.”

Jansen added, “They’re coming to the border because Biden said they’d let them in. They’re wearing ‘Biden Let Us In’ t-shirts. It is his policies that have set up this crisis and it is a crisis.”

Ryan urged, “As you vote this time around, remember this. (The Democrats) want more control. The Republicans are no better at times, but on this one, on the southern border? We had this thing down. And now your gas is going up, nobody’s asking anything about China. This is Bob Casey. David Trone. These are the folks that you put into office and now (illegal immigrants) are going to come out, they’re going to go into the schools. They’re (lawmakers) going to lock you down (again). You love your concerts? Forget it. All this stuff will go off in the next six months. It’s a super spreader. And what’s Joe Biden doing about it? Good question.”