Law Enforcement Focusing On Engagement, Prevention

HARRISBURG – A properly trained and well-funded police force is critical to meaningful criminal justice reform, according to York County District Attorney Dave Sunday.

Sunday was one of many law enforcement officials to testify in front of the  House Majority Policy Committee Thursday.

The hearing was led by Majority Policy Committee Chairman Martin Causer (R-Cameron/McKean/Potter) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin).

“The call to simply defund the police, cut police budgets, divert or divest funds, or anything of the like, is a false and dangerous narrative,” Sunday said. “In fact, eliminating police funding would disproportionately endanger the very vulnerable populations that advocates of this flawed premise seek to aid.”

Ron Camacho of the Chambersburg Police Department, testified about the importance of engaging the community through various types of initiatives including school and church appearances.

“The Chambersburg police force has built a relationship with the communities it represents that has led to greater public support and trust,” Camacho said. “This is something all law enforcement agencies could and should focus on to improve community-police relationships.”

The committee will hold a public hearing on Sept. 15 to discuss police training and department accreditation.