Late night police chase in St Thomas thankfully ends with no injuries after man manages to get out of PIT maneuver

01 April 2024- A Saturday morning chase in Franklin County ends after a man is picked up following an extensive search of the Saint Thomas area. David McKinley Wood is charged with felony fleeing an officer and eight different traffic violations including speed, red light, and suspended license citations. Wood is behind bars today in Franklin County on $50,000 bail.

Pennsylvania State Police Troopers say they were in the area of Jack Road in Saint Thomas Township just before 2am on March 30th when they found a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, believed to be over 90mph. After flipping on emergency lights to conduct a stop, the vehicle reportedly took off down Jack Road.

That vehicle, a silver 2013 Ford Fusion, took an illegal turn onto Lincoln Way West from Jack Road and reached speeds in excess of 100mph through Saint Thomas. The Fusion, police say, slowed near the intersection of Lincoln Way and Mercersburg Road, where Troopers tried to execute a PIT maneuver on the fleeing vehicle. That PIT, though, was unsuccessful as the Trooper’s vehicle was immobilized and the Fusion managed to limp away and flee again down Lincoln Way West, this time back to the village.

Multiple other PSP units assisted in canvassing the area and eventually went to a home on Lemar Road, which was the listed address of the Fusion’s owner, a witness and her relative David Wood. Wood, PSP learned, was not at that location but that he likely had that car.

Around 3am, Troopers observed a BMW in the area of Jack Road and Warm Spring Road that they believed was acting suspicious. The passenger of the car, Troopers say, tried to lean back as to obscure himself from their view. He was eventually identified as David Wood.

Wood was interviewed by PSP, with him allegedly denying that he was involved in the chase until police found a Ford key fob in his possession. He then reportedly admitted to the chase, saying he ran because he was on State Parole. Police say Wood told them that he ran again after the failed PIT maneuver and parked his vehicle in the St Thomas Cemetery before he had his friend pick him up. That car, PSP say, was still at the cemetery and worked with the fob found in Wood’s possession.

David Wood is behind bars in Franklin County on $50,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000041-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-411800