Kentucky Fried Justice: Woman arrested after skipping jail during work release

19 December 2022- A Franklin County woman is looking at additional jail time after she allegedly skipped jail during a work release as well as stealing from said job. Kathleen Castro Zavala is behind bars on charges of felony escape and misdemeanor theft. Both charges are separate cases as they allegedly occurred at different times, with each resulting in a monetary bail of $25,000 for a total of $50,000.

Pennsylvania State Police were informed during the early hours of the morning on December 9th that an inmate at the Franklin County Jail named Kathleen Castro Zavala had not returned to the jail after her shift ended for her work release job at KFC. Prior to the absconding from justice, Castro Zavala pleaded guilty to charges of endangering the welfare of children on December 15th of this year. Castro Zavala was sentenced to confinement of between six and twenty three months, but was granted work release during that time.

Castro Zavala failed to return to the jail after she finished her shift from 10:30am to 9pm.

Additionally, the day of Castro Zavala’s abscondence from justice, police were dispatched to the KFC she worked at. From November 29th to December 2nd, Castro Zavala’s drawer at work allegedly came up short by $100 and $76. When confronted about it, Castro Zavala allegedly said she would pay the store back but never did. She was later fired by the store.

Castro Zavala is behind bars on a total bail of $50,000. Her preliminary hearing is set for December 27th.

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