Keep an eye on your prescriptions – some medicines are in short supply right now

April 12 – The American Society of Health System Pharmacists announced yesterday that some drug supplies are at an all-time low in the country right now. 

The organization is responsible for tracking drug prescriptions all over the US. 

There are currently 323 prescription drugs that are in very short supply. This is the worst it has been since the group started tracking the data in 2001. 

Some of the medications affected are injectable medicines like cancer chemotherapy drugs and emergency meds in hospitals, according to the ASHSP. 

A prescription medication for ADHD is one of the drugs that is tough to find at the moment, which is causing problems for patients. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “They’re citing all numbers of issues from the supply chain. They’re also citing pressure from generic drugs that are providing a disincentive for the big drug companies to keep making these pharmaceuticals. But it’s a problem and they’re warning the public and they’re trying to get the hospital systems engaged in this that they need to start building up their prescription stockpiles because they’re at dangerously low levels.”