Keep an eye on SCOTUS for the month of June

CHAMBERSBURG – With the term ending on June 30 in the United States Supreme Court, the justices will be releasing decisions every Tuesday for the next four weeks.

And some of them will be big ones.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen talked about some of the upcoming decisions on First News.

One has to deal the Catholic Charities, the city of Philadelphia, Pa., and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Barkdoll explained, “The city of Philadelphia got in a contract dispute with Catholic Charities involving foster children and the Supreme Court is going to have to weigh whether the city legally was allowed to terminate that contract with Catholic Charities because Catholic Charities thought it went against their religious beliefs to do adoptions and foster care for same sex couples.”

Jansen said, “First of all, shame, shame on activists who are using foster care as a way to promote their activism. Foster care kids have the hardest time being adopted. Catholic Charities was doing a great job. There’s other outlets that same sex couples can go to to adopt foster children. They don’t need to only go to Catholic Charities. Just shame on them for hurting these kids at the expense of their activism. That’s just my personal feeling, but I think it’s horrific.”

The other big case also comes from Pennsylvania.

Barkdoll said it focuses on “whether the school district can discipline a cheerleader for language and conduct she engaged in off campus on a Snapchat discussion. This is going to have a major effect on school districts around the country if the Supreme Court rules that a district can discipline a student for conduct they engage in when they’re not in school.”

Jansen said, “That one on the cheerleader is really interesting to me. And very scary if they would rule that that’s possible. Because I’m worried. We do see this far left extremist ideology. I know you mentioned the Loudon County teacher on the religious grounds, but I also want to emphasize that ideology grounds. It really is a religion they’re forcing into schools right now and if schools have the right to look offline, away from school, to quote unquote discipline students, I’m terrified that’s going to be used even more for this social engineering, this social activism to control students. If they do something offline that violates this religion of looking at the country the way they want to as racist and systemically racist. That could really be dangerous.”

Barkdoll said, “School districts have a real dilemma on this because if they can now start policing and disciplining students for things they do off campus on say Facebook or Snapchat, this becomes a never-ending policing of students. I’m sure privately districts probably don’t want to get too far into this because of just the Pandora’s Box it could create. It’s hard enough to police all these students when they’re in the school buildings during regular school hours. This is a huge first amendment free speech case that is being really closely watched all over the country by not only school districts but free speech advocates as well.”

Jansen pointed out, “Do you know on our currency, once upon a time, way back close to the founding, it used to say mind your business? Boy I wish we still had that.”

Two other big cases for SCOTUS are Arizona ballot laws and Obamacare.

June promises to be a big month for big cases heard by the highest court in the land. Keep your eyes and ears open for the outcome.