Keep a close eye on the budgets that will be unveiled in the coming weeks

CHAMBERSBURG – With local school boards and the general assembly in Pennsylvania working on their budgets, numbers are expected to be released in the coming weeks and the big question is:  how will these organizations use the stimulus money?

School districts run on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, so the numbers will be out soon to see how districts around the state plan on using that money.

And, more importantly, if the tax payers will be hit in the pocketbook with tax increases.

The General Assembly in Pennsylvania will also unveil and adopt a budget in the next six to eight weeks.

With stimulus money pouring in from the federal government – to the tune of billions of dollars – a lot of people are wondering how that money will be spent at the state and local level, including school districts.

Because this windfall will only happen once. The organizations will not see this much again next year.

Michele Jansen said, “I know one huge mistake and we’ve seen it made before is when they take short-term money and apply it to new programs that are going to be ongoing. Taxpayers and community members have to be very, very wary of that. That’s how we get ourselves into big trouble with more debt in school districts.”

If the money is used to create new programs, how will said programs continue to be funded after the stimulus money is gone?

The answer is likely higher taxes, which is what has so many people concerned.

The upcoming budget figures will tell the tale, so keep an eye out.