Joyce’s 5G rural accessibility act passes US House unanimously

11 December 2023- Today, Congressman John Joyce, M.D. (PA-13) announced that the 5G SALE Act passed out of the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously. The bill will now go to the White House for President Biden’s signature.

The 5G Spectrum Authority Licensing Enforcement (5G SALE) Act would require the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to release previously auctioned bands of the electromagnetic spectrum to expand access to 5G broadband to rural communities.

“Government red tape should never stand in the way of bringing high-speed internet to our rural communities,” said Congressman Joyce. “As we look to provide resources for remote work, remote learning, and telehealth care for patients, the 5G SALE Act will be a vital tool for deploying fast and reliable internet access. I’m proud to see this legislation pass unanimously and I look forward to seeing it signed into law.”