Joyce, Trone vote to oust embattled Congressman George Santos

01 December 2023- In a 311-114 vote, the US House of Representatives has voted to expel now-former Representative George Santos from his position in the chamber. Two of the votes in favor of Santos’ expulsion came from Congressmen John Joyce of Pennsylvania and David Trone of Maryland. Also locally, Congressman Scott Perry of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania voted against the ousting of Santos.

Santos is currently facing 23 felony counts against him, including wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds, making false statements to the House, identity theft, and more. Additionally, Santos had pleaded guilty to check fraud in Brazil, where he lived for a time prior to his election to Congress.

The vote needed a 2/3 majority to result in expulsion. 105 Republicans voted to oust one of their own party, with 112 voting against. All Democrats, minus two, voted in favor of Santos’ expulsion.

Key members of Congress including Speaker Mike Johnson, fellow New York Representatives Elise Stefanik and Claudia Tenney, and former candidates for Speaker Tom Emmer and Steve Scalise all voted AGAINST the expulsion of Santos. Stefanik, Emmer, and Scalise all hold high positions in the Republican Party’s leadership.