Join Antietam Battlefield for their Memorial Illumination

21 November 2022- Antietam National Battlefield will present the Annual Memorial Illumination on Saturday, December 3, 2022 to honor the 23,000 casualties from the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862.

The event is a driving tour open to the public starting at 6:00 pm. Cars enter the park by traveling west on Route 34 and lining up on the shoulder of the road. Cars are allowed to enter the event until midnight. Walking is not allowed.

The temporary visitor center is closed that day except for the park store and the lobby which will be open from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Visitor services during the day will be limited and only porta johns will be available. The northern end of the park, north of Route 34, will close at 3:00 pm.

To hear a preview of the event, listen to local Historian Doug Dobbs earlier on News Talk 1037FM’s First News. A map of the path through the battlefield is also below.