It’s kind of telling who candidates WON’T talk to

October 20 – The Chambersburg Area School Board officially accepted the resignation of Vice President Kevin Mintz at the meeting last night, which opens up another seat on the board.

Interested candidate have until the 28th to submit their names. People from the region of Boro 2nd Ward(1st Precinct) and Boro 3rd Ward are encouraged to apply. (Click the links to see the map)

However if the school board doesn’t get anyone from his area, the search will be expanded.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the people who will fill the seats on various boards this morning during the Big Talk on First News.

Barkdoll said, “It sounds like based on the timeline they’ve now established, it will be this board, who essentially will be a lame duck board because come the first week of December, the new board organizes, including the people who are successfully elected in a couple of weeks now. So the timing of this all is interesting in the sense that it is this old, outgoing board that will fill this vacancy.”

Ryan said, “It really doesn’t seem very fair, does it?”

Barkdoll said, “I don’t like it. I’ve never liked the idea of lame duck bodies taking actions like this, but I think by statute, and maybe this was all by design by Mintz, the timing of his resignation triggers some statutory time frame. So whether they like it or not, they have 30 days to do this and that falls within the calendar before the new board takes over in the first week of December.”

Ryan added, “When it comes to the write-in candidates this is something that is mission critical. Joan Smith is the write-in candidate that is necessary. There are two write-ins. One write-in is making stealthy kind of phone calls as it has been brought to our attention. There is not something public about that write-in which comes from the far left region of the political sphere. Joan Smith, small business owner. Joan Smith sat on the school board and did resign. She resigned because she wanted to take a stand on an issue. Joan Smith is so concerned about where this school board is going and the school situation, she steps back into the ring and Joan Smith is the write-in that needs to go in, hands down. And if the left candidate has something to say, declare your candidacy. Let’s bring it out here. Let’s hear instead of getting tertiary phone call messages left on people’s machines, asking for a write-in. This write-in campaign on the school board is mission critical. You don’t need any more left going on on these school boards here.”

Barkdoll pointed out, “That write-in seat because there’s no name on the ballot in that region, someone’s going to win that seat with a relatively small number of votes. And that’s why, again, every vote matters. That write-in campaign, if someone’s able to generate a couple hundred votes, that might be enough to capture the seat. So that’s going to be an interesting one to keep an eye on. That also may be one that we’re not going to know the results of the Wednesday morning after the election. We know write-in votes often are slow coming in anyway to be tabulated, but there’s often some peculiar aspects to that that it may take days until you get a final number.”

Ryan said, “There has been enough nonsense on the school board here in Chambersburg. We need to fix this ship and also fix the ship what is on the borough council here.”

Jansen said, “We still have nobody that we’ve heard of running for Sally Brooks’s seat. That’s an open, empty seat as well. I’m going to do a little special report on the different school boards and the candidates and write-ins because we have quite a few of them. We have a couple write-ins from Waynesboro. We have write-ins in Shippensburg. One of those in Shippensburg is also a no candidate seat so that person probably has a pretty good shot. The Waynesboro one’s a little bit more of an uphill battle because you have somebody already running in those seats. I’ll do a little report so people can get a feel for how many of them are being write-ins and what the lay of the land is on that. I’ll be hosting a forum for the Shippensburg candidates all of them next Thursday. We have to get the venue nailed down.”

Tonight is Meet the Candidates at the Orchards. Ken Hock, Allen Coffman, Tom Newcomer, Dom Brown, Larry Hensley and Wes Wayton.

Ryan said, “If there’s a Meet the Candidates happening on the left hand side, by all means, step right up, send us your press release. We understand that on the Political Vibe radio show we’ve already been turned down on the Democrat side by two candidates who would like to sit on borough council and that is Heidi Frye and Amer Chaudhry. Both have turned down an opportunity to spell out what they’d like to do here in the borough. They’ve already said no to interviews on the radio station.”

Jansen said she’s still waiting to hear back from the incumbents, including Barb Beattie and Dennis Schmaltz.

Ryan said, “In my opinion that says a great deal to be turned down by Frye and Chaudhry already.”

Barkdoll agreed, “It’s unfortunate. I mean I think when someone’s running for office, they need to make themselves available to outlets, whether they agree with the outlet’s positions or whatever the case may be, they need to answer questions. They need to get themselves out in the public. When they say they’re not even willing to answer any questions, I think that creates more questions. If I’m an undecided voter, that would be persuasive in maybe making up my mind on how I would vote. We’ll see what these other candidates do. Hopefully the others will agree to at least come on and answer a few questions.”

Ryan added, “That doesn’t just speak volumes, it screams volumes. You just saw Terry McAuliffe walk away from an interview because he didn’t like the line of questions. Terry McAuliffe is running for governor in Virginia. That’s the same guy that said ‘I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they teach.’ So he didn’t like the line of questioning coming from a reporter…and after ten minutes of an interview, a 20-minute interview, he gets up in a huff, walks away and scolds the reporter.”

Barkdoll said, “Last week he also had a terse exchange with a reporter I think in Richmond or Roanoke. She was pressing him about Critical Race Theory. He’s in real trouble. Biden’s poll numbers continue to sag in Virginia. That’s not helping McAuliffe and you’re seeing a lot of polls that show now McAuliffe tied if not down by one or two points in Virginia and I think you’re seeing his frustration manifest in some of these interviews. He knows he’s in trouble and he’s got a couple weeks to try to turn those poll numbers around, but the trends are not looking favorable for him right now.”