It’s important to remember that Hunter Biden has a daughter he has never seen

June 7 – Lunden Roberts, Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend, sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan yesterday, where she discussed some fascinating topics. 

First, she has a daughter with Hunter Biden, 5-year-old Navy, whom Hunter has never met. 

President Joe Biden has also never met his granddaughter. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Lunden Roberts could be pulled in here at that trial.”

When Morgan asked her if there was any possibility of her appearing as a witness at Hunter’s trial, Roberts said, “Yes. That’s worrisome, always in a situation like that. Of course, I worry that you always worry you can say the wrong thing or you feel like you’re not helping or you are helping one side or whatever. But it’s stressful. But like I said, I mean, I hope for the best.”

Ryan said, “She’s worried about saying the wrong thing? How about you just answer the question as it’s posed to you?” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This is the mother of this, what the tabloids called, the Hunter love child. Remember, Hunter denied this was his child for a long time and this woman went through courts in Arkansas, forced a paternity test and of course, it came back and proved Hunter was the father. As an aside, he apparently owes her a bunch of money in child support and that’s a whole other case. I don’t know if they call this woman in. One thing that’s becoming clear from this case is Hunter Biden had a very serious drug addiction problem and that’s not an excuse. All of us are one degree away from someone in our circle that’s experienced that. I imagine they would call her in because she would not have any insights on this gun issue, but they probably would call her in to further verify was he using drugs at the time he purchased the gun? Because that’s what the Department of Justice has to prove. I don’t know where this goes. Some of the legal observers are pointing out, this looks like a pretty clear case that he’s guilty, but they’re pointing out during jury selection there were a huge number of prospective jurors that talked about drug addiction issues in their own families. The attorneys on both sides struggled to get it boiled down to this group of 12 that didn’t feel they had conflicts and there is some theory with all of this evidence they’re putting up on Biden and the drug issues, could you be getting into almost the jury nullification scenario? A sympathy type vote that people recognize he was out of his mind, didn’t know what he was doing. That’s not an excuse for the crime by the way, but a jury could do whatever it wants once they get this and this will likely be over sometime next week.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “I think the victimization philosophy that is being pushed out from seemingly almost everywhere into our society right now is a problem for juries. I know I’ve told this story on air before and this was 12 years ago about having someone who went down the road of oh, the perpetrators of the crime, they were a certain identity group of people and they were young and because of that, I can’t possibly say that they’re guilty and endanger them to have their life ruined by having to suffer the consequences of that guilty verdict. We are more than there with sympathy and empathy going way too far to where we say you don’t have to have the consequences of your action, if you fall within certain victim groups and that’s now starting to be even for people who are addicted. I mean, I’m sorry, should we just let every drunk driver go especially if they happen to be an alcoholic? It’s ridiculous that we are at this place, but we are.”

Barkdoll added, “If you look at some of the evidence yesterday, from the ex girlfriend, she just paints this picture of an insatiable appetite for drugs from morning to night and she’s the one that found the gun in the car. I mean, that’s the irony of this. This never came on to the police’s radar, but the girlfriend finds the gun in the car. She takes it to the local grocery store and throws it in the trash. Hunter Biden then gets angry that she did that. He goes over there, and they try to find it. Police got involved and that’s how this whole thing started to unravel. Had that not happened, this case never would have been brought but she said she felt she needed to get rid of that gun for his own safety. He was just so out of his mind at the time.”

Jansen said, “Text messages show he blames her. He totally blames her for doing this and not him, not him for having the drugs and they found residue of stuff on the gun. No, it’s not his fault. It’s always somebody else’s fault and that’s the way the whole family’s allowed him to behave seemingly his entire life.”