It’s either resignation or impeachment for Governor Cuomo

August 4 – With the release of the Attorney General’s report on inappropriate behavior from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the future doesn’t look too bright for Andy.

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The investigation interviewed 179 people and looked at more than 74,000 documents, emails, texts, and pictures. The report concluded that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women with unwanted groping, kissing, hugging and inappropriate comments.

And just about everyone – from the president to Democrats in the New York General Assembly – is calling for Cuomo to step down.

In fact,the Democrats in New York are saying that if he doesn’t resign, they will begin impeachment proceedings – and it looks like the votes are there to do it.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the Cuomo mess this morning during the Big Talk on First News.

Barkdoll predicted, “He doesn’t survive this. He is in a world of trouble this morning. I looked through (the report) last night. It’s a pretty easy read. It is a very thorough investigation and it’s a real take down. It paints a picture of a governor, Andrew Cuomo, that really has a problem. It sounds like this is sort of his modus operandi the way he treats these staff people, these women. Some range from inappropriate comments repeatedly to very inappropriate touching. This is more than just a he said, she said. In many of these cases, there’s corroborating evidence to back up what these women said. Either there are witnesses, or in many of the cases, the women were so shaken by it, they immediately started texting and emailing other staff people to report what happened. I think appropriately the investigators are saying well this is further proof or further evidence that these people are not making this up. There’s 11 women, all have somewhat of a similar story with just these weird inappropriate interactions with him.”

At least for now the Attorney General is not saying it’s criminal conduct.

Barkdoll said, “(Cuomo’s) allegedly broken civil laws, but there is a pending criminal investigation against Cuomo that involves not only these 11 cases but some other things. He’s got all sorts of problems. Even once he’s out of the governor’s office he now very well could be subject to civil lawsuits and maybe even criminal charges down the road.”

Ryan asked, “Does he make the week? Because he’s digging in pretty hard saying, which I found hilarious, the language he was using was: ‘this will not be trial by newspaper.’ Come on. How can you point at newspapers or the media? They have been kissing your fanny for years and all they do is no investigation and then they carry the water of the Democrat party and all the talking points. How he can point at a newspaper and cry like a baby is just beyond me. But it’s Andy.”

Barkdoll added, “I also wonder if he had been tipped off about this. Within a couple hours of the Attorney General’s report, Cuomo released this very strange 14-minute video that was sort of defending the way he acts and the way he hugs and kisses people when he greets them. That video clearly had been produced and was in the can waiting for some kind of a report to come out. I don’t think he makes it long. He might make it a week, but at this point, he’s lost all credibility. There’s no way he’s going to be able to govern. He’s got neither the Republicans nor the Democrats in New York. You really then get into a state of paralysis from a governing standpoint and when he knows the votes are there to impeach him, his best strategy very well could be to resign immediately.”

What about a possible phone call between Andy and Eliot Spitzer?

Barkdoll laughed, “I would love to know if that happened. Remember with Spitzer, he made somewhat of a comeback. Remember after all that scandal he became somewhat of a pundit. I think he was even writing newspaper columns. Whether they’ve talked or not remains to be seen. The lieutenant governor of New York currently is a female and she would be the one that will take over once he resigns or is impeached. Cuomo’s term would have expired at the end of next year anyway, but he had left the door open to run for reelection. That clearly is not going to happen now.”