It’s a short agenda for Chambersburg Borough Council tonight, but the topics are important

March 11 – Chambersburg Borough Council will meet tonight at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at 100 South Second Street. 

The agenda is relatively short, but some of the topics are important. 

One item is the authorization and approval for changes and modifications to the 2024 street improvement list. 

Allen Coffman, borough council president, said,  “What that really boils down to is a couple of streets, Horst and Hudson are being taken off the list for this year because the ends of those streets actually are in Greene Township. So we’re hoping to do some partnership with Greene Township. When we do our part, they’ll do their part at the same time. To get that coordinated we’re going to take that probably off the list for 2024, but we’re going to add a stretch of Fifth Avenue over there that is pretty rough, on the part below where TB Woods is, it looks like we’ll get some paving done there. Also an addition of Laurel Avenue, which is also in my ward that’ll be added to it this year and Clover Circle, which is a small cul-de-sac off of that. So for 2024, it looks like there’s about $1.2 million set up for street repair.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “Somebody finally put some flashing lights over by TB Woods on that crosswalk there. There’s flashing lights to go along with the signs there now. It’s been a little while. I don’t know how long they’ve been up there. But routinely I would see people and they just walk right across there. Look, I understand the crosswalk and I understand that’s you’re right and I got it. I’m not doing any dumb battle with a car here. Not everybody’s paying as close attention to me. I’m looking both ways, but not everybody else does. I’d much rather stop looking and instead just walk into that intersection. I’ve seen people do that. They just walk like hey, this is my right. So all right, sorry about your legs then. God forbid, but I like the flashing lights. That’s a very big help now.” 

Coffman said, “I remember a time when there was nothing over there to indicate that other than saying crosswalk ahead. The thing that makes that one odd and also somewhat dangerous is the fact that it’s a mid-block crosswalk. It’s not near an intersection itself. It’s out in the middle of the open and a lot of people might not expect to see a crosswalk in that kind of area, but it’s there.” 

What about the intersection of Norland Avenue and Scotland Avenue? 

Coffman said, “I don’t know that it is, but I would imagine it’s going to see a temporary fix when the weather breaks. The same way with Fifth and Norland on that right hand turn lane, if you’re coming north on Fifth Avenue the same way. It’s getting a pothole in it, too, and the washboard as well.”

There will be work done on alleys too.

Coffman said, “There’s seven of them that are on the list to get work done. It’s been a long time since the borough’s done any work on alleys, there has been no funding for it. But we think we found a way to do some funding on it. Alleys that are being used by the sanitation department for recyclables and for trash pickup are going to get some money from the sanitation department and therefore we’ll get those alleys fixed. There are seven of them that are on the list and we’ll talk about that tonight too.”

With the recent mild winters, could there be money left over from not needing to salt the streets? 

Coffman said, “I think there may be some money. I don’t remember what we allocated for the storm, but I doubt that we used it all. At least I hope we didn’t use it all.”

A report from the March 5 Planning and Zoning meeting will also be presented tonight. 

Coffman said, “One of the interesting things that I thought was there’s a distillery that looks like it’s coming to Chambersburg. It’s called Tall Pines Distillery and is going to be down on Orchard Drive, sort of in behind Rutters, not on the same side, the opposite side, but I thought it was interesting. I thought it was kind of an unusual place to put it. There’s hardly any other business around here other than Rutters. It’s not on South Main Street, it’s on Orchard Drive. If you’re going down South Main Street, you’d turn right at the street before Rutters, which is Orchard and it’s about a block down that way on the right. So it’s kind of an unusual place to put a distillery and restaurant. It’s on the west side of Main Street, so that will be interesting.” 
For tonight’s agenda, click here.