It’s a busy time in Hagerstown with work sessions, public hearings and a meeting with county commissioners

May 11 — Hagerstown Mayor and City Council will have three different meetings today to address various issues.

Wes Decker, Communications Officer for the City of Hagerstown, joined First News this morning to discuss the busy day.

The last will be a public hearing at 7 p.m. this evening at City Hall in Council Chambers, One East Franklin Street.

The public may attend in person to hear discussions on the tax rate, which will remain the same for property in the city, as well as the fiscal 2021/22 budget.

Anyone who can’t attend, but would like to comment may do so via email at or by phone at 301-766-4183. Comments need to be received by noon today to be included in the public hearing.

This afternoon, Mayor and City Council will have a work session where they will hear a legislative recap from State Senator Paul Corderman and Delegate Brenda Thiam on what took place in Annapolis.

The city’s Chief Financial Officer will review the final proposed fiscal year budget, which will lead into the public hearing.

Police Chief Paul Kifer will address the Mayor and City Council about the recent legislation in Maryland concerning police officers.

The legislation includes provisions to increase civil liability on lawsuits against police officers, public access to disciplinary records of police officers, and mandated use of body cameras statewide by July 2025.

Many of these provisions Hagerstown police department is already doing, but others will definitely affect city police and Chief Kifer will explain what that will mean for the department.

This morning, the Mayor will meet with members of the Washington County Commissioners to discuss, among other things, the 911 center payment that the city owes the county.

The Mayor and City Council agreed to hold onto that payment until the County Commissioners agreed to sit down for a discussion — something that has been a rather long time coming.

Communications between the two local bodies has been lacking for a while now, so the city used the payment as leverage to finally get the county to sit down for a real discussion.

That will take place this morning and also include the fairness of the payment, fair-level funding and the tax differential.

The city hopes the meeting will be fruitful.

Decker will have a recap of all the meetings on Wednesday morning on First News.