It wasn’t the onions on the pizza that made her cry; Chambersburg woman arrested on access device fraud, more

07 June 2023- Chambersburg PD call the bluff of a woman who allegedly used a stolen credit card to buy $300 worth of groceries and $60 worth of food at Dominos. Karleigh M Jackson is charged with misdemeanor access device fraud, misdemeanor receiving stolen property, and misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. Jackson failed to post bail of $2,500.

On June 6th, Chambersburg PD officers were dispatched to Domino’s Pizza on E Queen Street for a report of a solen credit card being used at the business. Police spoke with the victim who allegedly said his credit card was stolen earlier that evening and that he had been notified by his credit card app that multiple purchases were made with it. Purchases of around $300 from Walmart and $63 from Dominos were made from the card extremely recently and the victim went to Dominos to check. The manager at the store allegedly told police that the food order had not been picked up yet.

Further questioning with the manager found that order #310 had been called in and paid for by the credit card belonging to the victim, with a phone number also placed on the order. Officers then waited until about 10:30pm when a car driven by Karliegh Jackson pulled up to the store.

Police spoke to Jackson after she arrived, with her allegedly denying that she knew why she was approached by officers. When police called the phone number attached to the order, Jackson’s phone in her car began to ring. When this happened, she allegedly began crying and gave police the stolen credit card out of her purse.

When police took Jackson into custody, they also were able to see inside of her vehicle. They allegedly found a small plastic bag with white substance in the center console, which was confirmed by preliminary testing to be methamphetamine. Additionally, police found a large amount of groceries in Walmart bags in the back seat.

Karliegh Jackson failed to post bail of $2,500. Her preliminary hearing is set for June 20th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000192-2023, Incident Number: C2023-06484