It turns out the nursing home policies from New York started in Pennsylvania

February 24 – With the investigations intensifying into what really happened with numbers in New York state nursing homes, it came to light the policy idea actually started in Pennsylvania.

State Senator Doug Mastriano joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on News Talk 103.7FM this morning and discussed the issue.

“We led by a week in this policy,” Mastriano said. “This failed policy as far as the idea of sending the sick among the most vulnerable population. That was an idea invented by (Governor) Wolf and (Pa. State Secretary of Health Rachel) Levine. Pennsylvania led the way and New York State didn’t follow suit until a week after.”

The policy put in place during the beginning of the pandemic said COVID positive patients in hospitals should be sent to nursing homes in an effort not to overwhelm the hospitals.

Now it’s coming out that in so doing, that spread the virus throughout the nursing homes and deaths may have been underreported.

“I’m extremely disgusted in the media we have in Pennsylvania,” Mastriano said. “They’re lazy, they’re partisan. They claim they don’t want their opinions expressed in their articles, but you read it and it’s these massive hit pieces on Republicans while they are very gracious, magnanimous, and merciful and kind to their political party, or where their proclivities lie on the Democrat side.”

Mastriano continued: “They’ve had this massive scandal since March 18 brewing that has led realistically to the deaths of over 12,000 people in our state as a result of a failed policy and they’ve done nothing and in fact they’ve enabled it by looking the other way.”

Additionally, Pennsylvania State Attorney General Josh Shapiro has done nothing in terms of an investigation, either.

Instead of questioning the administration, Shapiro is looking into the elder care facilities and the mismanagement there.

But during the crisis, changes were coming from the Pennsylvania General Assembly every week.

“One week there were 18 changes one of the homes told us,” Mastriano said. “You can’t keep up with that. So this chaos and confusion just lead to more deaths.”

Earlier this morning on the Big Talk on News 103.7FM, Attorney Clint Barkdoll wondered why there isn’t an investigation in Pennsylvania.

“I’m surprising you’re not seeing an investigative committee from either the House or the Senate,” Barkdoll said. “Cuomo (Governor of New York) is in a world of trouble. Even Democrats are calling for him to be impeached.”

Mastriano alluded to the fact that there will likely be hearings in Pennsylvania in the future to look into this.

Mastriano held a number of rallies, one calling for Levine’s resignation because of the nursing home policies and one with survivors of those who lost loved ones in nursing homes.

“The media didn’t show up,” Mastriano said. “They didn’t cover it. I’m tired of this media. They either have a confirmation bias or a cognitive bias. They can’t even see how blind they are, how partisan they are. They pretend to be so self-righteous. They need to do their jobs.”

Jansen point out that in the case of the New York nursing home numbers, the information came to light because of Cuomo’s own assistant being caught on tape admitting that numbers of deaths were hidden to keep themselves out of trouble. 

“And even then the press wanted to cover Ted Cruz going to Mexico way more than they covered the huge scandal of Governor Cuomo,” Jansen said. “I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that our press isn’t paying attention to this as they should be.”

Barkdoll earlier wondered if there could be “a staff person that would be brought in to a committee hearing” here in Pennsylvania to disclose information about our numbers.

Mastriano added, “I do pray to God that we get a whistle blower from the Wolf administration who can’t take this.”