It takes a 12-year-old to sum up election audits – it’s about finding the truth

June 4 – State Senator Doug Mastriano and Representative Rob Kauffman took a red-eye flight back to Pennsylvania last night after spending a few days in Maricopa County, Arizona, witnessing the 2020 election audit there.

They arrived in Pa. on the heels of a few tweets from Seth Grove, the Republican Representative from York County, who chairs the House committee that would be tasked with authorizing an election audit, saying it won’t happen in Pennsylvania.

Grove apparently wants to focus on fixing the problems in voting laws, but will not authorize an audit to do so.

But, all hope is not lost.

Kauffman will join Colonel Mastriano on Colonel on the Call on News Talk 103.7FM later this afternoon and the two will field questions from listeners.

Before that, Kauffman stopped by First News to talk with Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen about his trip.

Kauffman said, “Seth has a different perspective. He likes to be the big guy on campus and talk a lot about what he thinks he knows. But the reality is I don’t think he’s listening to the average person on the street.”

Kauffman spent last evening at the Fayetteville carnival and the people he talked with – people who work and pay their taxes and vote – are all in on this audit for Pennsylvania. Because they “want to make sure their vote actually counts every, single time,” Kauffman said.

One interesting aspect of the Arizona audit is it may have started in the legislature, but it didn’t end there.

“It’s very instructional as to how it happened in Arizona,” Kauffman said. “It didn’t happen through a state government committee in Arizona. This happened through a subpoena issued by a standing committee of the Arizona Senate. I’m not trying to be a prognosticator and saying how things will happen, but there are different ways to get at this. The Arizona audit was authorized by the Arizona Senate but there is a private auditing firm that is coming in to do the audit and it is being essentially crowd funded. It is being funded by average citizens. If you go on certain networks, you’ll see them show where folks can go. They can help fund it, they can help volunteer to be part of the audit. So it is really more of a grassroots kind of thing. The actual audit…is not actually being funded by the government.”

In terms of how the audit was actually done, the professionalism was above reproach.

Three people sat at a table – there were 44 tables total – and those three people counted every, single ballot. There were judges and cameras and everything was recorded at every table.

Ryan wondered, “Did you actually see something that stood out to you? Did you look at one of those ballots and go, oh, there was something funky about that?”

Kauffman said, “I didn’t sit there and look at specific ballots and those folks aren’t looking for anything odd. They’re literally just counting the ballot but what they’re also doing is those three people counting the same ballot, after 50 ballots, they’re comparing their number. Are our numbers the same? If they are, okay, that’s a count, we can move on.”

At the time Kauffman and Mastriano left, they had counted more than a million ballots.

Ryan also asked, “Did anybody give you any indication that the numbers are different significantly? Did you get any indication of hey, there’s something big coming here?”

Kauffman said, “Of course, there’s always the underlying rumor. I have to tell you this auditing firm is above board to the point of you try to ask them, can you draw any early conclusions? And they’re like, no. We’re not here to draw early conclusions. We’re here to give you a report at the end and we will tell you at the end what we find because we’re here to find truth. I have to tell you these auditors, this is not some side show that all the nutjobs on the mainstream media want to make it out to be. This is a top-notch, forensic audit. They want the truth, whatever the truth is. If the truth is that all the people who think something went wrong are crazy, that’s the truth they’re going to tell us. That may not be the answer that some people want me to give right now, but it’s reality.”

Jansen said, “That’s the point. We want a serious auditing place that’s not playing politics that’s going to give us the truth. That’s the whole point of doing this. Because again, Seth Grove says we need to concentrate on focusing on fixing our broken election law. You can’t fix what you don’t understand the problems are. If everyone’s so sure there was no issue, then why not do this?”

It was Kauffman’s son who really brought the point home in a late-night FaceTime call with his dad.

Kauffman said, “He’s like, Dad so what do you think, what happens here when you find out what the results were of the audit? I don’t know what the result is. What’s the purpose? I said it’s to find out the truth. It’s to find out exactly what happened. And he’s like will that change anything? And I said, I don’t know that it’s going to change who is president. That’s not the point of this. The point is to find truth. That’s what my 12-year-old wanted to know. What is this about? It’s very insightful. What is the point of this? And the point is to get to the truth and to understand what’s happening because that’s what average people on the street want to know. They want to know that their votes counted. If we get to the answer and it’s not the answer that we all wanted, well, it sucks, but it’s the truth.”

Jansen said, “It’s not a waste of money because people are so doubtful and that’s dangerous for any democracy, for a representative republic like ours, dangerous if people do not trust elections.”

“Absolutely,” Kauffman concurred.

Join Kauffman and Colonel Mastriano this afternoon for Colonel on the Call on News Talk 103.7FM for more discussion of the Arizona trip.