It looks like the coronavirus came from a lab in China – and we knew about it for a while

June 8 – An investigative report from the Wall Street Journal discovered that in May of 2020, the US National Laboratory in California was researching the COVID lab leak theory and issued an internal report to the US government that said it was plausible.

In May 2020.

The report even talks about the fact that the genetic footprint of the coronavirus was something that had never been observed in a natural coronavirus. It had a remarkable resemblance to a synthetic-type pathogen, which gave validity to the theory it was created in a lab.

This begs a whole lot of questions.

Congressman John Joyce, attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the COVID 19 origins this morning on First News.

Barkdoll said, “There’s a lot of questions about this because this article talks about that the US Department of State and the Department of Energy all through the year last year, they were aware of this, they were even using it in some of their internal reporting to different agencies, but yet, here we are and frankly, it doesn’t look like anything was done about it last year. Why didn’t the Trump administration take more action on this? Maybe they did and we just don’t know about it and why wasn’t the information shared with more intelligence agencies? Part of this reporting is now some of the intelligence agencies are picking up on the data over the last few weeks and they’re starting a new investigation. Why weren’t these agencies sharing information with each other last year? We’ve got to get to the bottom of this.”

A lot of the investigations got shut down at China’s doorstep.

Barkdoll said, “We know that the US government officials have been totally stonewalled in getting any information from the Chinese government or on the ground directly from that lab. That is a real dilemma. What do we, as a government, do? What do other countries around the world do in a situation like this? We know China lies. We know they’re not going to cooperate. What are some things we may be able to do to force them to cooperate so we can get answers to this?”

Jansen added, “The genetic code was released in January 2020. I heard the speculation and more ideas even before May of 2020. I don’t know why it took from January to May for this to get more in depth analysis and then why was that held from the State Department until October? Who knew about this information? Who was in charge of authorizing to whom it went to or to what department it went to for further analysis? That all has to be investigated.”

Ryan said, “And hundreds of thousands of people are dead worldwide. I don’t want this to be like the Hillary Clinton investigation that went nowhere. There has to be accountability on this one. This can’t get buried. Hey China Joe (Biden), what did you shut stuff down for? Where are the answers on that? I don’t want this thing dying on the vine.”

Congressman Joyce said, “The Democrats, finally, are waking up that the threat of the Chinese Communist Party is real. It’s been more than a year ago that as a member of the China Task Force, we called for an investigation into the origin of this virus, realizing that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was actively studying the COVID virus. I’ve been saying this since the spring of 2020. Not only did this pandemic start in China, China made the World Health Organization complicit in the cover up. The World Health Organization, which President Trump stopped funding to, appropriately so, they acted complicit with the Chinese government to cover up this virus and to hide it from the world. Then what happened? They unleashed this on to the entire world. We’re in the aftermath. We know that lives and livelihoods, they’ve been destroyed. And Biden and the Democrats are finally asking questions, questions that we talked about in the spring of last year.”

Not only did the China Task Force investigate the origins of the pandemic, they offered solutions as well.

Joyce said, “Here’s the takeaway message, the Chinese Communist Party is a growing threat to our public health, to our economy and to the freedoms of our democracy and they’re utilizing a virus as part of that. We have to get to the bottom of the COVID 19 pandemic and we have to hold accountable this hostile regime of the Chinese Communist Party. We have to be able to protect our citizens from future pandemics and ultimately save the freedoms that we have right here in America. The plan of the Chinese Communist Party is to rule the world. We’re aware of that. Biden needs to be aware of that it’s time that this investigation proceeds as to the origin of the COVID 19 virus.”

So how does that happen?

Joyce said, “We’re working on legislation from the Energy and Commerce Committee to address that. Health care comes out of Energy and Commerce and on the Health subcommittee we are actively working to bring forth legislation so this investigation is brought forth.”

Ryan said, “Isn’t it a shame that we have to ask for legislation to do an investigation that has ripped this world apart? Why can’t we just say, instead of legislation, hey, let’s just go, but that is the political machine that we’re in.”

Additionally, a story was published last April in the Lancet, a well-respected medical journal from England, that absolutely said it was simply a conspiracy theory that the coronavirus came from a lab in China.

Jansen said, “Why? Who are those scientists? Why was that done? And who okayed that? It really feels like manipulation of public sentiment.”

And then there was Peter Daszak, a member of the World Health Organization and on the team at the Lancet that was investigation the origins, who also happened to have professional and financial ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Conflict of interest, anyone?  

Ryan said, “What about this Daszak guy? He’s the one that got the money from Fauci and that started the gain of function research. So Daszak gets money and it was told by Fauci you can’t spend this money, but it still makes its way over to Wuhan, china just a couple of blocks away from what they would call a wet market, ground zero for this mess.”

Jansen said Daszak is “very implicated in this because they did get right to know emails to say why the statement that was in the Lancet, authored by 27 prominent public health scientists, condemning conspiracy theories suggesting COVID 19 does not have a natural origin. Well this was organized by employees of Eco Health Alliance, the non-profit group that received millions of dollars from US taxpayer funding to genetically manipulate the coronavirus with the scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Daszak was intimately involved in that. This is so dangerous. The fact that we don’t get on top of this. The fact that we don’t stop future viruses perhaps because we didn’t get on this right away. These people should be held accountable. Will they?”

Joyce said, “They absolutely have to be held accountable. The Lancet which is an esteemed medical journal that comes out of England, but they have a past that’s checkered as well. They used a physician’s faulty research to put forward that the origins of Autism and you know how that affected the entire world. I look at articles. I look at that letter in the Lancet and I think that Lancet is not the shining light that it should be. What should we be doing? We should be looking very careful at individuals who put forth lies or half-truths without having the ability for the investigation to occur. We have the science to track the genome for those who were originally infected with the COVID virus. But you know what? The Chinese Communist Party has not allowed us to do that. They talked about this coming from a wet market. We had no evidence of this coming from a wet market. The smoking guns were from the Wuhan Institute of Virology where active research was going on with the COVID virus. If you’re going to have that ability, you’ve got to look carefully and you can’t listen to the lies that are put out there.”

Jansen pointed out, “I want to remind people that that China Task Force – the Democrats would not participate with you. We’ve got to look at the idea that politics came before people’s health as far as too many people in the leadershi8p of the Democratic Party are concerned and I think people need to remember that.”

Pat added, “Why did and who shut down the investigation? It was Joe Biden. This was already in motion and Joe Biden put the brakes on this or shut it down. Why did that happen and why won’t we just start up what was shut down by Joe Biden?”

Joyce said, “Exactly and those necessary steps need to be pursued. So the China Task Force which was brought about because of the COVID 19 virus, Pelosi had agreed that this would be a bipartisan task force. And then in the days before we were appointed to that, she said this would be a distraction. This absolutely makes no sense. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and we’re looking very closely at the origins of where this virus comes from and Pelosi talks about it being a distraction? This was our job to protect America. To protect the health of America. This was no distraction. This is what constitutionally I’m mandated to do. I’m proud to have served on the China Task Force and I’m proud that we made the recommendation that the Wuhan lab be investigated.”

Jansen said, “I think because it was a political year and they wanted to do anything to destroy the president, that came ahead of their duty to the American people and I find that utterly appalling.”

Barkdoll added, “I’m also concerned that if the US lab research is true and they’re saying that these pathogens almost appear to be a synthetic type creation, that is scary. Some of these scientists are pointing out that if it’s synthetic, this could be a very difficult thing to ever totally quash. This could go on for years and years and years and synthetic type variants like this would continue to just morph. Yes the numbers worldwide are very low right now. That’s a good thing. Cases are down. Deaths are down. But if it really is a synthetic creation, I think it raises a lot of really concerning questions.”

The biggest one of all:  will we ever really know what happened and will we be able to stop it from happening again?