It looks like radar for municipalities is dead on the PA House floor…again

June 18 – Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation that does not allow municipal police to use radar.

That one needs to be written twice.

Pennsylvania is the ONLY STATE IN THE NATION that does NOT allow municipal police to use radar. Instead, the local township and borough police need to rely on outdated equipment that doesn’t work well on some roads.

Doesn’t this seem like something that we all should agree on? Isn’t this a clear safety measure that should be in place for our local officers?

Representative Rob Kauffman joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News and talked about the legislation for radar.

Kauffman said, “There is a bill. It is awaiting action on the House floor. There are interests and very frankly members who are opposed to it. I’m supportive. I’m a co-sponsor of the legislation. I know it’s a big deal here in Chambersburg but there are enough members holding it up that it would not be successful from what I’m understanding.”

Jansen asked, “And what’s their rationale?”

Kauffman said, “Unfortunately, they just see it as another way of government getting in people’s pockets and local governments having little speed traps and revenue generators.”

Jansen asked, “Isn’t there things put in the bill to prevent that?”

Kauffman confirmed, “There are, which is what frustrates me because I know like for an area like Chambersburg, revenue enhancement isn’t what it’s about.”

Jansen added, “I think the mayor said it might even cost them money.”

Kauffman agreed, “And I would expect it would.”

Ryan said, “It would be great if this borough council here in Chambersburg or any of our Franklin County Commissioners or anybody on this council that is so hell bent on doing all sorts of things other than helping out the citizens here in Chambersburg and when it comes to the speedway that is in front of this radio station. I see cars doing 40, 50, 60 miles an hour down South Main Street. Have I seen one of the borough council members that heads up this particular ward screaming their head off? No. I haven’t.”

Kauffman said, “It’s a very valid point. That’s an issue that impacts the borough citizens far more than some of the things they’re currently working on.”

Ryan concluded, “It’s a quality of life thing. I wish there was something more I could do but apparently it’ll probably die on the floor again here. When somebody dies, when somebody gets mowed over on this South Main Street because the state police aren’t here and the borough can’t do anything about it, when that happens, I want the names. I’d like to know who is in the way of this so that I can take the pictures and take the obituary to that person who thinks it’s all about money for Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.”