It looks like Quincy Township will get a new supervisor

September 26 — The Quincy Township supervisors will meet tonight and it looks like Nelson Egolf will be appointed to a supervisor seat. 

This was after the resignation of Steve Bakner as supervisor last month. 

Supervisor Lee Daywalt also resigned, but has since rescinded his resignation when it looked like discrepancies with money in the township showed up. 

Quincy Township has had a whole lot of drama for such a little township. 

In the spring of 2021, the FBI investigated Supervisor Kerry Bumbaugh for misusing funds. In December of that same year, Bumbaugh committed suicide. 

Now, not only has one supervisor resigned, but a whole lot of staff members left their posts as well. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Remember Nelson Egolf won the primary in Quincy, so he still will be on the November ballot. He’s running unopposed. He certainly should be the victor in that race for a regular term. But assuming that they fill the vacancy tonight with him, it would at least allow him to get on board immediately, so they’ll have a complement of supervisors that can continue conducting business. It ends the drama for now related to the vacancy, but I think as we’re all hearing, there’s still other things happening out there. It just seems like that township moves from one issue to the next. So hopefully this will kind of put things at ease for a while, but we’ll see to be determined. I think much of that story is still being written.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “As we saw a couple of weeks ago, the current supervisors Alan Peck and Lee Daywalt were at a stalemate. Lee Daywalt would not second a nomination to put Nelson Egolf into that seat. I thought there was a great argument for that. Things are a mess there. He’s the likely person to be elected to fill the other seat there on council and to get him in and getting going ahead of when he’ll come in after the election just seems to make utter sense, but nobody could get through to Lee Daywalt who said ‘there’ll be blood on his hands’ if he would vote for this. I would love for someone to ask him what in the world do you mean by that? How do you make such a dramatic statement? I know Nelson Egolf, I kind of doubt there’s any real problems or risk there. But it’s been just an ongoing drama.”

Barkdoll said, “Remember, too, then there’s this second vacancy that will be a separate election on the November ballot. The Republican Party has nominated Ed Wilson. I don’t know if the Democrats have generated a name. There’s two seats that still are somewhat fluid that we won’t get clarification on until after the November election.”