It looks like 6% of voters in the six battleground states will determine the presidential election in November

May 6 – The headline should be a little chilling. It came from the Cook Political Report recently and is evidence of the continuing divide in this country. 

The 2024 presidential election is looking to be a tied race. 

The Emerson College and Hill poll showed Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is ahead in all six of the battleground states – Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia – but all of those leads are within the margin of error. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Cook Political Report is pointing out that probably 6%, think about this for a minute, 6% of voters in the six battleground states will decide this election. The point Cook is making we’re in basically a tie race. Their analysis is that you’ve got roughly 6% of voters that are still persuadable. These would be Republicans, Democrats and Independents that are still open minded to voting for either candidate. That’s what will control the outcome of the race.”

An ABC Washington Post poll over the weekend showed Trump ahead by two points among all registered voters. 

Barkdoll said, “They show Biden up by one point among likely voters. Again the takeaway, it’s a tie. One other big thing in that ABC News Washington Post poll that we’ve made in the past, Biden and Trump are incredibly unpopular. Biden’s unfavorable ratings in that poll are well over 50%. Trump is even more unpopular than Biden, in that poll, but again, it looks like these are the choices we’re going to have come November.”

But DON’T let this dissuade you from going to the polls in November or mailing in a ballot. YOUR voice matters. Now probably more so than ever. So make sure you are registered and VOTE in November.