Isn’t it interesting how the media has done a sudden about-face on President Joe Biden? 

July 3 – For the last almost four years, it seems as though the mainstream media has treated President Joe Biden with kid gloves – letting him get away with a lot of gaffes, mistakes and outright falsehoods. 

Now, suddenly, after the debate between Biden and former president Donald Trump – where Biden had a very poor showing – many in the media are saying it’s time for Biden to step down. 

Anyone else getting whiplash? 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I’ve been watching and listening a little bit more intently lately to the mainstream media and especially after this debate how anybody can believe anything that the mainstream media is spewing right now, Biden’s got to step down. Biden’s on the ropes. It’s a fundraising disaster. We’re going to have all the governors come in here and we’re going to talk about Biden. I mean, this is staged. I’m saying don’t believe the media, the narrative that they’re pushing now. These are the same guys and gals that hid this president for very convenient purposes and the bumbling and the stumbling. Now we got the media that lied to you, to your face, that hid and covered for Biden and now we’re supposed to believe this latest theater. So I’m thinking, stay quiet. Stay focused. Stay on the idea that Trump is behind us. It’s the policies of the party that are only going to get worse under a Gavin, a Shapiro, a Kamala, a Michelle and I caution you on your cookouts and your social media, run silent, because if you’re believing anything that the same people that lied to you to bring Fetterman and to bring the likes of a Joe Biden to the finish line, they’re lying to you again, and it’s a theater show before our very eyes. It’s gotten much worse now in these last days between the debate and where we are right now.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll confirmed, “It’s gotten much worse. This morning’s New York Times has over 3,000 words of all of these inside details about Biden’s debate preparation. I mean tidbits like he wouldn’t even start his day for those six days until after 11am and then he would need a nap every afternoon while he’s preparing for the debate, and that was six days on top of two or three days before that he lounged at the beach in Delaware. These kinds of stories are not a mistake. It does seem like the media narrative is starting to turn. Yes, they’ve been complicit in this for the last three and a half years, but the stories like you read in this morning’s Times, it’s no mistake. That stuff’s being put out there to further fan some of these other stories that you’re seeing. I think the things to watch today, the dam started to break a little bit yesterday. You had a couple elected officials, House members on the record, come out and say it’s time for Biden to leave.”

This morning’s New York Post reported that upwards of 25 Democrat House members may come out today and pressure Biden to get out. 

Barkdoll continued, “You saw overnight Jim Clyburn, who we know is one of Biden’s close confidants, said he’s going to meet with Biden privately over the next couple days to assess what’s going on. I mean is that code that Clyburn is going to tell him to get out? You also have this Reuters Ipsos poll overnight, again, confirming that a third of Democrats say Biden needs to leave the race. They’re just not excited about it. It’s funny in that Reuters Ipsos story, all these hypothetical matchups out there. That same pool of people that say Biden needs to leave, and there’s of course, Republicans in that group as well, if they put a Michelle Obama versus Trump ticket on the table, Michelle Obama wins by 11 points. Now her office immediately came out and said she has no interest in running for president, and she has said that repeatedly, but we know that’s always what these people say until they change their mind and say, okay, now I’m interested.”

Democrat governors from all over the country are scheduled to meet with Biden tonight at 6:30. 

Barkdoll said, “Shapiro is participating virtually. His spokesperson said yesterday he’s not going to be there in person. Some observers are wondering, is this part of a pressure campaign to try to push him out.”

Biden also announced yesterday that he will be doing a sit down interview with George Stephanopoulos on Friday. 

Barkdoll said, “That’s going to air on the Sunday show this week. Who knows what that looks like? The White House said Biden will do a solo press conference next week after a NATO summit. We know he hasn’t done one of those in years, and I think those are two key things to watch, because if anything goes slightly sideways in the Stephanopoulos interview or this press conference next week, I don’t know how he can keep recovering from this. The public’s eyes don’t deceive them. I mean, everyone can see what’s going on here.”

Ryan said, “If you want to do the show live, George Stephanopoulos, then do it live. Don’t hide behind editing room floors and don’t hide Joe Biden. Pull him out. You’re the ones that are still holding on to the Hur recordings. I want to hear those as well and this idiot in the White House, gets the cue cards and says who am I supposed to call on next? The whole thing is theater. I’m going to do a press conference with the same people that put him there in the first place.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Nothing has proved more what we’ve gone on and on about and I’ll say I’ve particularly gone on and on about, about narrative. We are living by narrative, not by truth, and to see just with a straight face, the likes of a Carl Bernstein coming out and informing us of the scandal. Thanks a lot, Carl. We didn’t need you to inform us. But you know what? Apparently, we do. Shame on the American public, shame on so-called journalists who are now saying these ridiculous statements like, oh, for six months now, they’ve known he’s been going downhill. Oh, staffers tell us he was only working six hours a day. Where’s the alarm? Where is the outrage that we would allow somebody who’s only engaged six hours a day to supposedly be making decisions? Hunter Biden has been his right hand man. Really? This may be who has been engaged with international figures and in the room for phone calls. How frightening is that with all the allegations of where this guy has been? What really bothers me is the big excuse we’re hearing from Karine Jean Pierre and others and even people in the media, well, they love him. They love him. What is this? The mob? The Italian Mob? They’re not supposed to love him. They’re supposed to hold him accountable and whether you love him or not, and I don’t even think his wife loves him. Look what she’s doing to the poor man. But is that an excuse? The media and others, they love him. No. First of all, if you love somebody, you’re honest with them, and you’d be truthful and secondly, that’s not their job is to make the rest of us live by their love of Joe Biden.” 

Ryan noted, “And then we get called, you MAGA people, you’re cult people. You talk about a cult. You love this guy who’s done what he’s doing to your grandkids, the southern border, our world stage, inflation. What kind of stupid love is that for goodness sake?”

Barkdoll said, “I think the next four days, if he’s not out by the end of, say, the weekend, the longer he stays in, the more likely it is he stays in, if that makes sense. But again, if you start patching together, connecting all these dots that we’re talking about, we know it’s going into a holiday weekend. These are great times for data dumps and big news stories. Is there a possibility that going into the weekend, all of these things start lining up and he comes out and says he’s leaving? I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s certainly not impossible. Based on the debate performance and based on all of these things that are now coming out. There’s another report that Barack Obama is starting to crack a bit, and as I said last Friday morning, those are things to watch. If people like the Clintons and the Obamas would come out saying he needs to get out of the race, there’s where the dam really breaks, and the pressure would be there for him to maybe get out entirely, so we’ll see. I share your concerns about the Stephanopoulos interview, why not do it live? Will ABC release an unedited portion of the interview online? You can’t trust on World News Tonight or on the list this week program on Sunday, that you’re going to get the full interview, and what if there’s some huge gaffe or a moment in the interview that clearly shows he’s cognitively impaired? Will ABC show that or will that get edited out and we’ll never know about it.” 

Jansen asked, “How does he step down? Because then we have President Kamala Harris, and nobody seems to want that.” 

Ryan wondered, “If it’s President Kamala, does Mike Johnson become Vice President?”

Barkdoll said, “Well, he is next in line, so that could happen. But look, when I say stepping down, I simply mean saying he’s not running for reelection. I don’t think he will resign.” 

Ryan said, “These are the same people that wanted to go ‘25th Amendment’ on Donald Trump, just for walking down a stage slowly and you got this, you have it front row center, day after day after day. Where are the strong Republicans?” 

Jansen said, “Who then is the running candidate? Because then isn’t Kamala Harris presumptive immediately? Now I know they can change things at the convention. How do they get out of this equity dilemma? How do they get out of this? How do we not use the Vice President and not admit she was a fake that never had the real merit to be in that position.” 

Ryan insisted, “Talk about a cheap fake. That’s your cheap fake, right there.”