Is the trial in New York for former president Donald Trump being deliberately dragged out? 

May 22 – After 20 days of the hush money trial for former president Donald Trump in New York City, the jury will return next Tuesday for closing arguments.

Trump didn’t testify in his defense. 

Lawyers for both sides spent yesterday afternoon working out instructions for jurors. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “This thing is taking forever and dragging it out for what appears to everybody in the legal circles as an injustice. Where’s the harm? What about everybody else that has stolen from the former president?”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll pointed out, “I think this delay is a real problem. The case ended yesterday. Now Trump for weeks insisted he was going to testify. His surrogates insist that he would testify. Smartly I think he decided not to testify. It seems to me that the judge could then have just said, well, let’s just keep going. Let’s draft your jury instructions and propose verdict slips. We know they’ve been off on Wednesdays but why not make an exception this week to get this to the jury? By delaying it a week, that’s a long time and all of this information this jury has been hearing the last few weeks, you wonder does some of this start to seep away or disappear? I don’t know if that favors Trump or hurts him, but when they restart next Tuesday, closing arguments, jury instructions, the jury may still not get the case until next Wednesday or Thursday. I’ve never seen a high profile case like this that has gone on for this long that they would take a one week break just about at the finish line here. It’s really surprising.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “Let’s pretend for a second like this is not political, that all of this is not political. They’re not really going after the opponent of the current sitting president. They’re doing everything that you could imagine to make it look that way. This keeps Trump off the campaign trail longer, doesn’t it? This might dampen the really horrible revelations that came out about their star witness in the last couple of days here. They’re going to go home and think of it, these are New York City voters. They are going home to their friends and family who are most likely going to get them to try to talk about the case and will heighten their hatred of Trump while they’re forgetting about the horrible way that those witnesses presented that should have made them think there’s reasonable doubt. I think in every way possible this judge, big controversy over the instructions to the jury. This is ridiculous. His completely different treatment of the witnesses. Letting Stormy Daniels go on and on and on with ridiculous stuff that had nothing to do with the charges while clearing the courtroom because one of the witnesses looked sideways, gave him a side eye. For all intent and purposes, this looks completely political. But it’s like they don’t care. They don’t care about the impression this gives or how people will not trust the court system, our justice system when they see this kind thing.”

Ryan wondered, “Or does it backfire on them? You’re going to give me some time to look at the internet or to hear other people’s opinions? Even though you’re getting instructions not to talk about it, we’re human beings, you know they’re going to be talking about it here. Given the fundraising and given his rise and the popularity continuing to rise, are you just doing yourself in? Thank you, judge. Is it a thank you note to him?”

Barkdoll agreed, “This could backfire. Trump politically has made out very well during this trial. A report yesterday, on day one of the trial, a single day record of fundraising for Trump from small donors. We know during the trial, he’s used this stage very effectively, those little press conferences he does coming in and out. It’s helped his poll numbers. Again, this past month, it was the first month that his fundraising surpassed Biden. So politically, this could help him but does this one week delay, create some benefits? Now these jurors have been instructed not to talk about the case. Don’t read it on the internet or in the newspaper. We know human nature though. I mean, they’re going to be out for a week. This is in the news, any TV station you turn on they’re talking about it. If he’s convicted, I think this may be one of several appellate points they’re going to make. Remember, I still think that X factor is you’ve got two attorneys sitting on that jury. If I had to bet, I think the odds are greater that you’re going to see a hung jury than a conviction or an acquittal. But juries are wildcards. Who knows what will go on in that room when those 12 start deliberating next week?”

Jansen insisted, “Regardless, though, of whether it hurts or helps Trump, it undercuts people’s faith in the justice system and that’s my bigger concern. About whether it hurts or helps, right at this moment, I think it’s worse that it’s undercutting our justice system.”

Barkdoll added, “What if they come back and he’s not guilty? Then you’re going to have everyone say they got it right. Does it go that way? Or if he’s guilty, you’re going to have half the country say this was inappropriate. That’s why I think it’s causing a lot of people to question how this process works, these long breaks, the different treatment it appears of witnesses. The Stormy Daniels testimony, I actually think could be another appeal point. The judge allowed her to get into all kinds of territory that were seemingly not relevant to this trial. I think that’s also why the prosecution canceled the testimony of Karen McDougal. They recognized that the judge allowing all of that to go on legally might present a real problem here if Trump gets convicted.”

Ryan said, “You couldn’t ask for a more important decision in your life here between what you see is being done to this former president and the dog pile on the rabbit is happening here. Then you see the senile occupant of the White House. The staffers there had to put out nine corrections during an NAACP speech here and then we’ve got other gaffes that he’s had in the last week or so. Yet he continues, maybe historic low polling here, but there’s still people that buy what this guy or whatever people behind this guy are selling.”

Barkdoll said, “How about the gaffe in the last week where he’s giving the speech and he’s talking about how he had to respond to COVID as vice president? Which clearly is not correct. He was long gone from office when COVID happened. But you see this with great regularity with him and in some ways I would say these are beyond just a gaffe. I mean, they clearly suggest that there’s some kind of a larger issue or problem going on with him. As you’re pointing out at the NAACP presentation or meeting yesterday, all sorts of edits and corrections that had to be made. He is going to be hosting the president of Kenya, here at the end of the week for a state dinner and there’s all kinds of high level meetings happening there. You’ve got to think about his handlers, the circles around him, they must know that he has these problems and they do all they can to control it, to keep the bubble around him. But we know he gets into these situations where they can’t be next to him. They can’t easily give him the hook. I do feel like in the last week or 10 days, you’re seeing more of this from him than normal.”

Ryan said, “And the world is laughing right in our face.”